Guitar Lesson – How To Exercise In 20 Minute


Guitar Lesson – How To Exercise In 20 Minute

Many guitar players do not have enough time to practice for long periods. But if you want to progress quickly, you need the guitar in your hands as soon as possible.

It is better to practice for 10-20 minutes each day, than 4 hours on just one day of the week. To get a rhythm to regularly pick up your guitar for a quick workout is a great habit to come in.

So if you do not have enough time for a full workout, and you have 10-15 minutes to spare, here are some ideas for what to do:

practice a chord change.

Maybe it’s hard to switch from a F barre cord to a D?

If you spend only ten minutes over and over the change, you will increase your ability to do it at the level you need.

The key is to focus and adapt to a skill that can be improved within a short period of time.

Work on a song you want to memorize.

It gives you the opportunity to actually play music! You must have fun in your exercise to keep you fresh and focused.

Listen to a song on a CD and jam.

This is a great way to improve your game, and it is especially suitable for short practice sessions.

An important part of the guitar kit is to train your ear, and a CD is a perfect way to do it.

Work on a leak that you want to learn.

You will be surprised how many times you can only work in a leak for a few minutes. You can also combine this practice technique with chord changes.

This will improve your skills over a short period of time.

Work on picking skills – practice up and down the neck.

You can use your metronome to work on emergency arrow skills, or you can pull everything straight down and work to keep your body in a relaxed position so you can easily develop your comfort.

Work on and off on a scale.

In 10 minutes you can play 50-100 times through a scale. It will improve your endurance and help you to build speed.

Remember to use a metronome when you try to build speed. Because you want a smooth rhythmic sound on your pitcher, not a struggling, rushing noise.

So gradually building up.

Be creative!

Play some chords in combinations that sound good for you, or play single note melodies. Again, it improves you and you can work out parts of your own song.

Okay, that’s all the ideas I’m going to give for now. Use your imagination to get more things you can try and mix it up so that it does not get boring.

Also keep your guitar ready and set up. Certainly, it protects everyone hiding in your case, but if you’re ready for a short workout, you’re more likely to pick it up and practice it, just for a short while.

So keep out the guitar and get ready to practice!

You can not think that these short training sessions will help you a lot, but it will speed your skills and you will surprise yourself by how much you improve, just to have the guitar in your hands regularly.

But you do not want to rely solely on these quick training sessions. Like most things, you need to find a balance. A good way to find a balance is to set a routine.

If you have a routine, you will find it easier to get the time for exercise. If you regularly exercise regularly, you will find it harder to break out, and it’s a good habit to have!


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