3 Herbal Medicine for Stomach Acid

Windowofworld.comAre there herbal medicine for stomach acid pain?, Do not let stomach acid disease interfere with your comfort while enjoying food. Some types of stomach acid herbal medicine can be obtained around easily. However, you should consult with your doctor first, especially if you have special health conditions.

Stomach acid can indeed attack anyone. But, don’t be taken lightly. At some stage, this disease can become gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), a condition in which stomach acid rises to the esophagus (esophagus). The symptoms are a burning sensation in the pit of the stomach, pain in the chest, to cough.

Of course you do not want this to continuously disrupt your day, right? You can control several types of herbal medicine and how to maintain the health of the stomach below.

Herbal Acid Stomach Medicine

Some types of stomach acid herbal medicine might not have been thought of before, such as chewing gum, aloe vera, or baking soda. These ingredients may be able to help relieve stomach acid, although in fact it still requires further research:

1. Aloe vera

The content contained in aloe vera in addition to being believed to be able to relieve burns, it also can reduce inflammation in the stomach and esophagus of patients with GERD. Not only that, aloe vera can also be laxative, like laxative. So pay attention to the measurements when consuming aloe vera. You can choose instant aloe vera juice which has eliminated the laxative content in it. Eat at least ½ cup of aloe vera before eating.

2. Baking soda

Baking soda is one of the stomach acid drugs often used to neutralize stomach acid. To use baking soda as a stomach acid herbal medicine, mix ½ – 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a glass of water. However, for those of you who often experience stomachaches, baking soda is not the right choice. Baking soda contains high levels of salt and can cause nausea and swelling.

3. Licorice

Although it still requires further research, licorice is believed to have a natural reliever for abdominal pain, so as to relieve heartburn to the source of the problem. However, excessive consumption of licorice is also not good because it can cause high blood pressure and other serious side effects. You can choose licorice which is DGL type to avoid side effects and is safe because it does not contain harmful glycyrrhizic acid.

In addition to consuming some of the above, you can also make gum to reduce stomach acid. Chewing gum can stimulate the flow rate of saliva or saliva. So, the acid in your stomach can be quickly rinsed by saliva and finally relieves the symptoms of GERD.

Start Changing a Healthy Lifestyle

In addition to utilizing stomach acid herbal medicine, you also need to maintain a good lifestyle and diet, to avoid stomach acid.

Start avoiding foods that can trigger stomach acids, like chocolate, onions, tomato sauce, fried foods, garlic, fast food, and foods rich in fat. In addition, prepare snacks between your meals, and avoid eating large amounts of food at once.

Not only food, some types of drinks can trigger an increase in stomach acid, such as drinks containing caffeine, soda, juice from citrus fruits, and alcoholic drinks. In fact, food or drinks that contain mint should also be avoided because it can trigger increased stomach acid.

Changes in a healthy lifestyle are also very important to avoid torture when stomach acid rises. It is recommended to maintain ideal body weight, avoid smoking, avoid lying down after eating food and wearing tight clothing.

Consumption of stomach acid herbal medicine with caution, because it still requires further research. We recommend that you consult a doctor for stomach acid disease that you experience, so that treatment can be given according to your condition.