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High probability of selling to salespeople: Turn cold calls into hot salespeople


high probability of selling to salespeople: Turn cold calls into hot salespeople

Windowofworld.com – Like most sales consulting consultants, I don’t advocate colds. However, I admit that cold calling is sometimes needed.

You need prospects and clients: if you don’t have a client list to refer to, and you don’t have an advertising / marketing budget, then the call to a very targeted list is the fastest way to get high prospects to get.

A prospect with a high probability is someone who now wants, needs, can afford and is ready to buy your product or service. Those who just want, need, and can afford – but not yet ready to buy – are prospects you won’t meet right now. But you will keep in touch in the future until they are ready to buy.

How do cold calls fit into high-probability prospects?


Before you pick up the phone, you must define your target market. Your target markets are consumers and / or businesses that are likely to want your product or service. If you have not yet defined your target market, then start with a list of your best customers: what features do they share? Are they in similar industries? Are they companies of the same size or in the same vertical markets? Look at B2C sales for similar socio-economic factors.

Your prospecting list, whether you created it yourself or bought it, is the basis of your prospecting campaign. Contact each person on the list repeatedly with a different offer. With a high probability search, an offer is a concise distillation of two features of your product or service. Make a different offer every time you reconnect with a potential customer.

If you call your list, these are only high-probability choral calls. A truly effective prospecting campaign requires you to call the same list every 3 to 4 weeks, so after a short period, most of your calls will be “hot” calls. A higher percentage of people on your list will say “yes” to your prospecting offer with each successive call.

5 Simple rules for maximum efficiency and maximum efficiency:

-> Don’t repeat the same prospecting offer more often than every third call.

-> Your offer must not exceed 45 words; your product / service is described and two are listed as its functions.

-> Your prospecting offer must clearly ask for a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer.

-> When prospects say “No”, then you say “Good, goodbye.”

-> When prospects say “Yes”, then you say, “Why?”

With the exercise, you should be able to dial at least 50 dialing per hour. You will find an increasing number of prospects with a high probability – people responding to your offer with ‘Yes’ – with each pass through your list. You are on your way to making appointments with people who are now ready to buy what you are selling.

High-probability prospecting does not completely eliminate cold calling. However, you will consecutively make fewer cold calls and much more ‘hot calls’. This will eliminate most of the rejection associated with cold calling. You will therefore transform telephone prospecting into an efficient and enjoyable activity.

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