3+ Ways to Choose Baby Gender

3+ Ways to Choose Baby Gender
3+ Ways to Choose Baby Gender

3+ Ways to Choose Baby Gender

Windowofworld.com – Many couples come to the obstetrician to ask how to choose the gender of their baby. The reason could be because they want to carry on the family name or want a different gender from the previous child. Can this be done and how?

In the world of medicine, the methods and techniques of gender selection have evolved over time. The selection of the gender of the baby can be done with natural methods or with medical assistance. However, whatever the method, the baby gender can still not be what they want.

Methods for Selecting Baby Gender

The baby gender selection is done before fertilization. The trick is to isolate the X chromosome carrier sperm and the Y chromosome carrier sperm before fertilizing an egg, so that the gender of the baby from fertilization can be regulated.

Sperm can carry X or Y chromosomes, while eggs carry only X chromosomes. When an egg is fertilized by sperm carrying an X chromosome, the result is a daughter. But if the egg is fertilized by a Y chromosome carrying sperm, be a boy.

Sperm sorting aims to produce semen samples with a higher proportion of sperm X or more sperm Y. That way, the chances of getting the desired sex will increase.

There are several sperm selection methods known in the medical world, namely:

1. Ericsson Method

This method has a success rate of 78-85% for boys and 73-75% for girls.

2. MicroSort Method

The MicroSort method has a 75% success rate for boys and 90% for girls.

3. PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) Method

The PGD method for IVF has an accuracy of close to 100%. However, patients need adequate consultation to choose this method.

Is There an Easier and More Natural Method?

Apart from the three medical procedures above, you can plan the gender of the baby in a natural way. To get the baby’s desired gender, you need to go on a special diet and schedule sexual relations. The percentage of success in this way is around 70-80%.

Diet or adjusting eating patterns need to be done before conception, not during pregnancy. The trick is as follows:

1. Diet to get a boy

In order to get a boy, you are recommended to:

  • Meet the intake of 2500 calories / day.
  • Increase sodium intake, for example from salted fish, salted eggs, meat, cereals,
  • vegetable juices, canned foods, and bread.
  • Increase potassium intake, for example from bananas, potatoes, green leaves, avocados, milk, cooked tomatoes, fish, mushrooms, and pumpkin.
  • Avoid milk, butter, cheese and yogurt.

2. Diet to get a daughter

In order to get a daughter, you are advised to:

  • Limit intake
  • Eat vegetables that are low in sodium.
  • Consume foods high in magnesium, such as avocados, yogurt, seeds, soybeans, fish, dark green leaves, bananas, and chocolate.
  • Increase calcium intake, for example from milk, cheese, yogurt, tofu, spinach, beans, anchovies, and shellfish.
  • Avoid salt, yeast, meat, fish, coffee, and soft drinks.

This diet program needs to be done for 9-12 weeks before you do the pregnancy program. If you are currently using birth control, do not remove birth control before the diet program is complete. After the diet is complete, schedule sex with the Shettles method.

Schedule Sexual Relationship with the Shettles Method

If you want a boy, you are encouraged to have sexual relations as close as possible to the fertile period. Perform vaginal douches with alkaline liquids, such as soda water, 15 minutes before sex. According to research, this method produces boys with a success rate of 57%.

If you want a daughter, have sex every day from the beginning of the menstrual cycle to 2 days before the fertile period. Perform vaginal douche with acidic fluid, 15 minutes before sexual intercourse.

In conclusion, the gender of the baby can be planned. However, the success rate varies and is influenced by many factors. What needs to be underlined, the above method cannot be done alone, but must be with the guidance of a doctor. So, consult first with your doctor so that the chances of success are greater.


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