4 Ways to Clean a Baby’s Belly Button Correctly

Windowofworld.comHow to clean a baby’s belly button?, The baby’s belly button should be cleaned periodically to prevent various infections. However, do you know how to clean the baby’s belly button properly?

After the baby is born, the umbilical cord that is connected to the placenta will be cut, but it still leaves a little part of the umbilical cord attached to the stomach. The rest of the umbilical stump or umbilical cord needs to be cared for until it dries and drops off on its own from the baby’s stomach.

The navel of a baby that has broken its cord still needs to be kept clean to avoid infection. Well, so Mother is not wrong in cleaning the navel Little, consider the following way.

How to clean a baby’s belly button?

Below is how to clean the baby’s belly button that you can do at home:

1. Prepare the equipment

Before cleaning the baby’s belly button, prepare all the equipment, such as cotton, soft towels, baby soap, and warm water. When you prepare the equipment, make sure your little one is not left alone. Ask the couple to watch him. If necessary, Dad can also take part in learning to clean the Little’s belly button.

2. Wash your hands

Wash your hands with soap and running water before cleaning the baby’s belly button. This is important to do so that the navel Little avoid infection due to germs in the hands of the Mother.

3. Clean the baby’s belly button slowly

When everything is ready, gently clean the baby’s belly button using cotton. Try not to over-press it, Bun. The best ingredients to use when cleaning are baby soap and warm water. Do not use alcohol because it can cause irritation to the baby’s navel and the surrounding skin area.

4. Dry the navel area

After cleaning, dry the baby’s belly button with a clean towel. The trick, gently pat the area around the navel until it is completely dry. Remember, do not rub with a towel because it can cause your baby’s navel to hurt.

Mother can actually also clean the navel while bathing the Little One. Clean your belly button with a soft towel after you wash your baby’s hair, face, neck and chest. Clean the baby’s belly button slowly, then rinse with clean water.

It should be noted that before you practice how to clean the baby’s belly button above, it’s good Mother first check the state of the navel Little. If there are signs of infection in the navel, such as redness, odor, suppuration, or bleeding, immediately consult a pediatrician.