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How to have a healthy diet during fasting, the body remains ideal during Eid


How to have a healthy diet during fasting, the body remains ideal during Eid

Windowofworld.com – Who wants to be different during Eid? The month of Ramadan can be the right moment to make your dreams of getting the ideal weight come true, Ladies.

When fasting, it is easier for us to control the calories that enter because we have limited eating hours. Eitss, although so many people also gain weight during fasting because they consume too much fried and sweet foods.

Come on! Get the ideal body weight by doing this diet while fasting.

Eat Vegetables and Protein

To maximize weight loss while fasting we need to supplement our diet with vegetables, fruit and protein. Foods that are rich in fiber and protein can not only increase the body’s metabolism so that it is easy to lose weight but also keep our bodies healthy and full for a long time. So don’t starve when fasting even though you’re on a diet.

Expand to consume water

When fasting we need to keep the body hydrated by consuming enough water. Lack of consuming water when it is open until dawn can make the body weak and get sick easily. Consuming water can also help the body increase metabolism so that the body weight is maintained ideal.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who consume water during fasting at one time, such as drinking too much water at dawn so they don’t get thirsty during fasting. Ladies, the habit of consuming several liters of water at a time can be dangerous for the body. This is because it can dilute electrolytes and cause water poisoning.

Avoid Fried, Coconut Milk and Sweet Foods

Ladies, even though you have fasted all day, it doesn’t mean you can consume whatever food we want, you know. Foods that contain too much sugar, salt and oil can keep us from wanting to have an ideal body weight for Eid. Therefore, start to reduce fried foods, coconut milk and also have added sugar.

Keeping the portion of food when breaking and suhoor

Keeping hungry and thirsty all day long makes us want to eat all the food at breaking or fast food. Unfortunately this habit can increase body weight, excess sugar and also cause problems in the organs of the body.

Even though we have fasted all day long, we still need to maintain the number of calories that enter the body. Moreover, sweet foods such as compote or mixed ice have quite high calories. Maintain a dietary pattern and also consume more fruits and vegetables to keep the body healthy and also maintain a healthy weight.

Enough sleep

During Ramadan many people choose not to sleep in order not to miss the meal or choose to take longer naps. Unfortunately, lack of sleep at night can destroy our metabolic system so that the body cannot burn fat effectively.

Not only that, lack of sleep can also cause an increase in the hormone ghrelin which can increase appetite. Therefore Ladies, don’t forget to keep enough and quality sleep hours.


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