How to Leverage Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool


How to Leverage Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool

High Tech is High Touch

There are two components to this powerful marketing tool the site itself, along with a thoughtful online strategy. Ready, here’s what a website and online strategy can do for you:

Build relationships. Marketing your law firm is about creating and maintaining a trust-based relationship with your intended and current clients. A good website and online promotion strategy can only do this without needing more of your precious accounts to be present in your clients and prospects.

Enter new markets. Why do clients come first to you? Is it because they have a real problem, an immediate need and no choice but to hire a lawyer? What if you could touch a less crisis-driven, more pro-active market that offers you more predictable and longer-term cash flows? Surprisingly, an integrated online / offline marketing strategy, centered around your website, can do that for you.

Speed ​​up your sales cycle. By the time someone calls you, chances are they’ve already visited your site. With the right online approach, you can increase the confidence of prospects that your firm is the right one to call, reduce the number of unqualified prospects, encourage a call to action and start a long-term relationship.

Stay in sight and peace of mind. The saying goes beyond the spirit, even in lawsuits. There is simply no guarantee that an existing client will return to your firm when they need similar services. Too many variables and influences can intervene, especially when there is a lot of time between needs. Your website and online strategy can painlessly break the gap between more time-consuming, on-line-in-touch activities (ie telephone calls, direct mail, customer surveys), which are often difficult to cut time to do and expensive to implement . .

Turn your business development efforts on. A well-knit website can be the hub of your firms presence in the market. Ideally, your website is the foremost prospect when learning about your firm through a referral, while the network, in the press, or perhaps a direct post. Once they are on your website, you can educate them, build their loyalty and trust, demonstrate your results, and motivate them to take a break from the time, energy, and money that these things require off-line.

Manage your marketing prices more wisely. Wouldn’t it be great if you could say what off-line marketing activities are paying and what? With the right approach, you can only do this by using your website and underlying technology as a tool for measured marketing. You never have to wonder if the money you spend on direct mail, network or publicity is really worth it, you will know for sure!

The Essentials

The money you spend on a website and promotional strategy is just as good as the work they do to make real-time surfers. For a site that works hard and gets results, here’s what to consider.

  1. Function over shape. There are many visually appealing websites that are very far from clients and prospects. When someone visits your website, they wantit

to loadfast

, easy to read,

provide a variety of information (not everyone will read it all, but everyone is attracted and motivated by different things so you have to present it all).

Make it easy to

not distract you or waste their time with unnecessary effects

being easy to express,

they might learn something they didn’t know. Graphic design is a very important element of any website, but it should not be what drives content, navigation and usability. At most, it should be equal to content and navigation.

  1. Long, well-written copy sold. Believe it or not, if you say talk to your target audience in the language about them, their problems, their world and their needs, read them much more than you think. The key, however, is that what you say should be about them, not your firm, at least not initially.

It goes back to the marketing laws discussed in the first article of this series, how to put right and order into the marketing of your law firm. . Most professional service firms break this rule and end up sounding. Distinguish your company by writing website content that speaks to your clients world view, not yours. Teach them, motivate them, stroke them, convince them, notify them and move them to action.

  1. Upload on value. Give visitors to your site a reason to hold and bookmark your site because it was so valuable. Increase their knowledge and help them feel competent every time they go to your site, and they will fall in love with your firm. Ironically, the more you share what you know, the more people are drawn to your job and trust your services are highly valuable, not an essential evil, and every penny they pay is worth it.
  2. Integrate online with off-line. Think about how you get new customers now mouth-to-mouth? References? Network? An introductory letter? Quoted in the press? Usually, it is through off-line activities. While you’re on it, people invite you to visit your site and let it do the initial relationship building for you. Follow a first introduction with an email link to your website and an invitation to sign your free e-newsletter. Attach an article you’ve written specifically addressed to the concerns they’ve approached you. Follow up with a call to see if they have the article and continue your conversation.

Perhaps you get a new client right away, but if not, keep in touch with your monthly e-newsletter, reminding them of how valuable you are and bringing them back to new content on your site. Before you know it, you have a new client, and a lot of the heavy uplifting has been done by your big site.

Even if your firm has a website, see how hard it works for you. Remember, marketing is about creating and maintaining a relationship with your target audience and current clients. Take advantage of the power of a well-crafted website and online strategy, and the process becomes much easier!

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