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How to Personalize and Stay in Uniform in Your Civil War Impressions?

How to Personalize and Stay in Uniform in Your Civil War Impressions? – Sounds crazy – “customize your uniform”! But soldiers in the Civil War wore their uniform in their own personal style, and you can do that almost 150 years later.

Here are some Civil War Uniform ideas for “being you” in your uniform.

You can also rework and personalize the uniform you pick up in a blanket sale or from a sutler or the Internet. Take out the buttonhole of the machine and sew the buttonhole by hand. Add layers and a pocket or two for your own needs.

Your hat is who you are – your personal statement. If you look at pg. 157 Echo of GLORY, there is an image of a Confederate prisoner with any kind of hat you can imagine – a head, round top, flat top. Note their caps don’t have a lot of brass or trim caps on them.

Choose which hat you are and make it. Buy one from a sutler and rework it to fit your personal style – as they do! Add string or turn the side.

Hats are a real personality choice – tilt your hat to one side or the other, flip one side or the other or both. Add a hat tie. Have two or three hats, namely you. Trade it for a different show.

Stitch the blanket around the edges of your blanket, so it doesn’t look ragged. Yarn can be used for this. Maintain a uniform appearance. Also, embroider or ask someone who can embroider your initials or status in the middle of the blanket.

Get a magnifying glass and check the details of their uniform. Also, see how they wear shirts, pants, and hats – find out their personalities!

Collect the true story of the Civil War Uniforms from photographs: for example, they are wearing loose shirts and blouses – be like them but be you.

Look at the photos of the soldiers at the camp rather than at the parade. There’s a lot of information there – you can see more of their personal stuff and how they lived in the campaign.

A very good photo to look at is at SHADOWS OF THE STORM, p. 305. The image here is “people from Georgia 5th”. Watch how they wear their neck scarves – some roll them up and put them around their collars, and some roll them up and place them directly around their necks.

Folding chairs, used pipes, and it looks like one of the men is writing letters, so having simple stationery is accurate. Choose articles that reflect you.

Facial hair varies from man to man. Some have long sided burns and nothing else while others have full beards and finally, others only have simple mustaches. Choose a facial hair type that is suitable for your re-enactment and in your modern life.

Emulate their entertaining personality. In the photos you can see the slight smiles on their faces and the confidence in the way they stand and sit.

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