How to use condoms correctly

How to use condoms correctly

How to use condoms correctly

Incorrect use of condoms can reduce its function to prevent pregnancy and transmission of sexual diseases. Therefore, you need to know how to use condoms correctly.

Condoms are one of the contraceptives made of rubber-like material that is applied to the genitals, as a protector during sexual intercourse. Although condoms are no longer a strange sound, but in reality there are still many people who do not understand the importance of using condoms correctly.

This is the Right Way to Use Condoms
The following are the steps to use a condom correctly:

Unpack the condom correctly, follow the opening instructions on the package. Avoid using scissors or teeth to open the package. Before tearing the package, push the condom to the opposite side so that it doesn’t come torn with the packaging.

Take the condom slowly and remove it from the package. Then pinch the tip of the condom located in the middle of the circle with your finger, to prevent air from entering. The air that enters the condom will make it break easily.

While holding the tip of the condom, place the condom above the head of the penis. Make sure the penis is perfectly erect when using a condom.
Unroll the condom gently toward the base of the penis. If the condom roll cannot be lowered, it means that it is used incorrectly or upside down. Take a new condom if you have made this mistake and start from the beginning.

When finished intercourse and ejaculation, immediately remove the penis from the vagina before the erection disappears. This is done to prevent condom leakage in your partner’s vagina.

After the penis is fully out, gently pull the condom from your penis so that the sperm in it does not come out. Wrap the used condom in a tissue and throw it in the trash.

Things That Must Be Considered When Using Condoms
In addition to knowing how to use condoms appropriately, you also need to know the recommendations and restrictions on the use of condoms, namely:

Use a condom every time you want to have sex, unless you are undergoing a pregnancy program.
Check the expiration date printed on the condom package before you start using it.
Also make sure that the condom to be used is not damaged.
Store condoms in a cool, dry place.
Use condoms that have been registered with the Food and Drug Administration.
Choose condoms that are equipped with water-based lubricants to prevent condom damage.

Avoid storing condoms in a wallet, because pressure and friction in the wallet and hot temperatures can cause condoms to be easily damaged.
Avoid condoms that contain spermicide because it can cause irritation and allergies in some people.
Avoid using oil-based lubricants such as body lotion, petroleum jelly or baby oil, because it can cause condoms to tear easily.
Do not use two condoms at the same time when having sex.
Do not also use condoms more than once and immediately dispose of condoms that have been used.

By knowing how to use condoms appropriately, you can minimize the worry of contracting a sexual disease or an unwanted pregnancy. This is important to support the pleasure and satisfaction when having sexual relations with a partner.


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