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Howa Home Recording Studio

Howa Home Recording Studio

Studios fall into three basic categories, Home studios, Project studios and commercial studios. It is quite clear what a home theater is. Many people working in the music industry, and even the television and film industry, have their own studios at home. They put them in the spare room, the garage, the cellar, an outbuildings – even in a corner of a bedroom. And there is no reason why a home theater should not produce headlines that challenge top commercial facilities. It is clear that in a top commercial studio staff it will make it easier to do your best work, equipment and acoustics will be first class, and you will probably also work with top musicians. There may even be a restaurant and bar! Of course the top studio will always be a bit better – but it’s only a little bit. You can do professional work in a bedroom. Sometimes selling simplicity, and you do not always need a twenty-four track studio to make a song demo or a soundtrack for a documentary.

There really is no difference between a home studio and a so-called project studio. A home theater is a project studio that you have at home, so it is easy to handle. So what’s the difference between a project studio and a commercial studio? Simply, a commercial studio is available for all arrivals at an hourly or daily rate. Make a reservation, work well in the studio, pay the bill and collect the bond. A project studio is something owned by one person, or perhaps a partnership where the owner or owners work on their own projects. The owner can be a musician working on a CD, or a composer working on a TV soundtrack. Commercial discussions are not welcome in a project studio because a) takes their studio time that the owner is likely to use, and b) as soon as you start your studio as a facility, you are involved in many more health and safety regulations And your insurance premiums will probably go through the roof.

What people do in their project studios is of course literally their own business! But I have identified at least five different categories of project study. See what you can achieve, if you have a mind to …

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