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6 Tips to Satisfy Hunger During Pregnancy

6 Tips to Satisfy Hunger During Pregnancy

Windowofworld.com – It was only five minutes ago eating toast, but how come I’m hungry again now? It seems like most pregnant women experience it, but do not let this make Mother eat carelessly. When pregnancy is recommended in order to manage the hunger that is felt, so that the food consumed is not excessive, but nutritious and beneficial for your baby in the womb.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, some pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting that can interfere with activity. This nausea may continue until the second trimester of pregnancy. Although nausea, the possibility of women pregnancy will also experience hunger all the time.

Reasons Pregnant Women are Often Hungry

Pregnant women feel constantly hungry because the baby in the womb needs nutrients to develop. Babies in the stomach of the mother need nutrients to form tissue, muscles and bones. However, do not let this condition make Mother out of control and eat anything as much as possible yes. The challenge is to provide enough nutrition for the baby without accumulating excess calories.


It is important to know that pregnant women do not need to “eat for two people”. Even if there is a baby in the womb, but he is not an adult or a child who needs one extra plate of food. Excessive food consumption, can actually cause excess weight during pregnancy, while creating the risk of health problems.

Tips for Eating Tasty and Nutritious in Pregnant Women

Choosing the right time to eat and the type of food that is well consumed is a step that you need to do, so that you and the baby in the womb get the right nutrition. Come, follow the following guidelines:

1. Drink first

Instead of eating right away when hungry. Try, Mother drink some water first. Sometimes the body is confused interpreting thirst to be hungry. Moreover, during pregnancy the mother’s body clearly requires more fluid than usual, especially because pregnant women sweat more often. Mother needs to drink around 12-13 glasses per day. In addition, Mother can also get liquid through water-rich fruits, such as oranges or watermelons.

2. Eat your favorite food once every day

Instead of being held back, you can try a small portion of your favorite food, like ice cream or chocolate. Mother can also give a gift for yourself by eating favorite foods once a week, after a week of successful eating healthy foods.

3. Keep your calorie intake not excessive

Usually pregnant women only need an additional 350 calories in their food in the second trimester, and an additional 500 calories in the third trimester. This number will double if the Mother contains twins. So make sure that the intake of calories consumed is not excessive, yes.

4. Choose fresh food

When shopping, it is recommended to choose fresh food compared to those that have been processed. Avoid taking ready-to-eat food products, or packaged foods that are mostly high in calories but low in nutrients.

5. Eat small portions but more often

It may sound cliché, but instead of eating at once a lot at a time, eating often in small portions is an easy way to satisfy hunger without causing heartburn that is often experienced during pregnancy.

6. Limit fast food

Whether we realize it or not, tired pregnant women often want to eat fast food that tends to be sweet and full of carbohydrates. Unfortunately, fast food can make you reluctant to eat healthy food. The solution, Mother can first eat healthy foods or snacks, such as fruit or nuts. This can reduce the portion of other foods that are less healthy.

In addition, the following simple methods can be implemented by Mother in choosing and serving healthier foods during pregnancy:

  1. Protein is not only found in eggs or meat, but can also be obtained from cereals and nuts.
  2. All pregnant women surely know that vegetables are the best source of nutrition for the baby in the womb. So as not to be boring, if the vegetables into various forms of food that Mother likes, such as salads, spring rolls, or vegetable burgers.
  3. Instead of butter or cream cheese, apply avocado on bread. The benefits of avocados in pregnant women are very good because it is rich in potassium and good fat. Then, mangoes are rich in vitamins C and A can be a combination of yogurt or salad.

Don’t forget to balance your diet with active moves or exercise and get enough rest. Mother also does not need to worry too much because usually hunger and appetite will decrease in the third trimester of pregnancy. In the final period of pregnancy, usually the mother will become more easily satisfied due to the insistence of an increasingly larger uterus.

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