HYIP versus Autosurfs: Which is Better For You?

HYIP versus Autosurfs: Which is Better For You?
HYIP versus Autosurfs: Which is Better For You?

HYIP versus Autosurfs: Which is Better For You?

Windowofworld.com – A high yield investment program is basically an investment where you have a choice of how much you can invest in the program, with the hope of getting a high return. Any amount can be invested in a HYIP, and in fact a small amount works quite well for a HYIP, but there are advantages (and disadvantages) of using large investments.

Autosurf is better known as traffic exchange; someone buys an ad that is placed alternately with another ad. Each ad is usually less than 30 seconds long before being replaced by another ad. Viewers have the option to click on the ad to have more time to view it. By looking at ads, one can earn some income, and some people actually earn hundreds every day, especially since accounts usually have some sort of compound interest attached to them. In order to increase the account level money has to be invested into the account (making autosurfs an investment opportunity).

Both plans can generate huge returns depending on the time and money invested. HYIPs offer potentially higher yields, but also have a higher risk. On the other hand, autosurf offers lower yields and requires more work. Depending on the type of money you are looking for, and what type of investment plan is better suited to your model, one program may work well for you.

HYIPs are great if you just want to invest, and the risks aren’t a problem for you. After all, they offer great returns for the money invested, and it’s mostly just a matter of looking at various HYIPs to find one you are satisfied with. But, the risks involved can turn people off, especially if the investor dislikes risk, or is unable to risk any funds. Autosurf has no risk, and offers a combined rate for any money the person makes, but it takes real work to earn the money. However, the smaller risk can be seen as an advantage.

Both plans carry a small side risk: They can lead those involved in ponzi schemes. In essence, some HYIPs and autosurfs require new investors to pay off old investors, rather than using the funds generated by the investment to pay off all investors. As such, they are using a ponzi scheme which is illegal. The dangers of HYIPs are well known, and autosurfs brings with them the added problem of not being registered as an investment company. Always investigate any business in which you plan to invest time or money, especially if it is online.

If you walk into any of them with your eyes open then they can represent a good investment. Just consider what your ultimate goal is, how much time and / or money you can put aside, as well as what kind of risk factors you want. By deciding on that, you are making the decision which is better for you. Remember to check all variables, and plan accordingly.


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