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10 Signs and Treatment of Hypersexuality

What is Hypersexuality?

Windowofworld.com – Hypersexuality is a sexual disorder with the characteristics of having fantasy, passion, and sexual addiction that is difficult to control. This behavior can have a negative impact on health, work, and relationships with others.

When sexual behavior becomes the main focus of life, difficult to control, and disrupt or endanger yourself or others, this can be said to be hypersexualty. It is possible that someone with hypersexuality often masturbates, cybersex (virtual sex), has multiple partners, and accesses pornography excessively. This behavior is very vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases.

In women, this condition is often also called nymphomania, whereas in men it is called satyriasis. Hypersexuality can also interfere or endanger the perpetrators and other people involved. If left unchecked, hypersexuality will violate the limits of the norms prevailing in society, such as having an affair, using the services of commercial sex workers, and even triggering criminal acts such as rape.


Signs of Experiencing Hypersexual Behavior

Until now there has not been found an official diagnosis criteria for Hypersexuality. However, there are some behaviors that can be used as signs to determine the behavior that is also categorized as sex addiction, namely:

  1. Often has an unstoppable sexual drive or desire that is hard to resist.
  2. Having more than one partner in a marriage can also be an affair.
  3. Frequently changing sexual partners.
  4. Continue to consume things related to pornography.
  5. Frequently practice unsafe sexual relations.
  6. Frequently using the services of commercial sex workers.
  7. Often stimulate yourself to get satisfaction, aka masturbation.
  8. Peek often sexual activity carried out by others.
  9. Sexual impulse that triggers sexual acts, but this does not necessarily make the culprit experience satisfaction.
  10. Making sexual acts as an outlet or escape from various pressures of life, such as loneliness, stress, depression, or anxiety.

A person can suffer from hypersexuality if the above symptoms are felt more than 6 months and have an impact on social aspects, work, and daily life.

How to Overcome Hypersexuality?

An important first step in dealing with Hypersexuality is to seek help from a psychiatrist or psychologist. When consulting, the doctor will determine the diagnosis and ascertain whether sexual negligence is related to certain conditions, such as bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, dementia, depression, and personality disorders.

Treatment of hypersexuality sufferers is by conducting behavioral therapy. The formation of this new behavior can be done by keeping busy doing positive activities, as well as interacting with others without engaging in sexual relations.

Those who intend to cure sex addiction or hypersexual behavior need to be guided to oppose all thoughts that govern them to commit sexual acts that cross the line. In other words, the power of the mind determines the success or failure of the treatment.

Besides the power of the mind, a key factor for healing hypersexuality behavior is diligently conducting counseling and adhering to the plans that have been made. Support from loved ones can also help control. Treatment with certain drugs, such as anxiety and antidepressant drugs, can help reduce the desire and behavior of Hypersexuality.

If you feel there are signs or complaints that refer to Hypersexuality, do not hesitate to consult with a psychiatrist or psychologist, for further treatment.

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