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Impact of Volcano Eruption on Health

Impact of Volcano Eruption on Health

Volcanic eruptions not only have a direct impact. In the long run, volcanic eruptions can also have a negative impact on health. Even so, that does not mean you can not do anything to protect yourself and minimize risk.

The adverse effects of volcanic eruptions on health include respiratory distress due to toxic gas and volcanic ash, eye irritation due to acid rain, and burns due to lava bursts.

This does not only occur around the eruption area. If a volcanic eruption is large enough, the area that is the path for the evacuation destination is at risk of experiencing some impact from the volcanic eruption, albeit at a lighter level.

Preparations Before the Volcano Erupts
So that the evacuation process to other places can run smoothly, when the volcano will erupt, there are some things you need to prepare and put in an emergency bag first, namely:


Flashlight and spare battery
First Aid Box
Food and emergency water
Personal medicine
Sturdy shoes
Mask N95
Battery powered radio.

If you are ordered to stay in a refuge for some time, then do the following:

Listen to the radio or television to get the latest information about volcanoes.
Listen to sirens and warning signals carefully.
Bring a supply of medicines for one week and a bag of supplies above.
Bring a container filled with clean water.
Load up on gasoline and put the vehicle in a safe place.
If possible, bring a pet with you.
What to Look For When a Volcano Erupts

When a volcano erupts, there are a number of things you can do to protect yourself, your family, and the people around you from the danger of a volcanic eruption.

The first thing you should do is always listen to the instructions of the authorities in your area regarding the preparation of a volcanic eruption, how to evacuate (if necessary leave the eruption area), and how to take shelter at home (if not required to evacuate).

When a volcano erupts, you must do the following:

If you are in a closed room

Close all windows, doors, and parts of the roof that might be open.
Turn off all fans and air conditioners.
Take the pet to a closed sanctuary.
Wear clothes with long sleeves and long pants.
Wear protective glasses.
Wear an N95 mask.
If you are in an open space

Take shelter immediately to a closed room.
Wear clothes with long sleeves, long pants, and shoes.
Wear protective glasses.
Wear an N95 mask.

Recovery of Conditions after Volcanic Eruptions
After the volcano erupts, it’s time to restore the condition of your living environment. Some ways that you can do are:

Pay attention to warnings and obey instructions from authorized officials in your area. For example, stay indoors until you have information that states that conditions outside the home are safe.
Turn off the fan, air conditioner, and all air conditioners, and close windows and doors to prevent the entry of dust and toxic gases.
Wear an N95 respirator mask when you are outdoors or when cleaning dust inside the house to protect yourself from dust particles.
If you don’t have an N95 mask, you can use other anti-dust masks, but limit outdoor activities.
Wear special glasses to protect eyes from dust.
If drinking water at home contains dust, buy bottled water that is free of dust.
If the eyes, nose, or throat become irritated due to a volcanic eruption, you should immediately consult a doctor.
Clean the roof of the house from the accumulation of volcanic dust. Volcanic dust that builds up on the roof can increase the risk of building collapse.
Avoid activities in areas exposed to volcanic ash.
Avoid driving a vehicle in the ash rain, because it will damage the car, so you risk being trapped in the ash rain.
Perform the steps above to stay safe when a volcanic eruption occurs. Disasters can have a dangerous impact on health, even life-threatening. If a health problem arises, consult your doctor immediately to get the treatment you might need.

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