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Intimate Relations on the First Night, What Is It Like?


Intimate Relation on the First Night, What Is It Like?

Windowofworld.com – Naturally, if intimate relations on the first night are expected to be perfect and unforgettable. However, it must be realized that there are many factors that make this condition difficult to achieve. Do not worry, there are several ways you can do so that the awaited moment can remain comfortable and enjoyable.

Many unexpected things can happen on the first night. Men who originally intended to have sex longer, apparently had an orgasm earlier. On the other hand, women who dream of reaching climax are already feeling pain in the beginning of penetration. How should you have sex for the first time?

Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns

Behind the excitement, each couple must have many questions and worries ahead of intercourse on the first night. Though all this anxiety will actually kill feelings of happiness and pleasure when having sex for the first time.

The following are some of the questions that often arise, along with the answers.

Will it hurt?

Women who have sexual intercourse for the first time can feel pain in the vagina. This pain is generally caused by tearing of the hymen during penetration. The hymen is a layer that covers part or all of the entrance to the vagina. However, this membrane may have been torn unnoticed at other times, such as when they were doing a slightly extreme sport.


Pain is also often caused by anxiety and worry about the emergence of pain itself. This worry can actually be reduced if each feels comfortable with one another.

Proper foreplay can be the key to the release of lubricant from the vagina. Foreplay is a form of activity before sexual penetration, such as kissing, hugging, or oral sex. While useful lubricants facilitate penetration. Without lubrication, the entry of the penis will cause pain in the vagina.

On the other hand, men should also penetrate slowly. Apart from psychological, emotional, and hymen tears, pain can also be caused by the possibility of certain diseases.

Does not bleeding out mean not virgin?

Some women experience bleeding from the vagina during intercourse, while others do not. But this is not related to one’s virginity. Blood is indeed a sign of tearing of the hymen. But as mentioned above, the hymen can also be torn even though never had sexual intercourse.

What if I feel shy?

Worried about body shape that does not look beautiful sometimes makes women often want to hide under the blanket or insist not to turn on the lights during lovemaking. Though shame and insecurity can actually be a major trigger of discomfort and pain during penetration.

Will me and my partner reach climax?

It is better not to over-expect to reach orgasm in men and women, let alone orgasm together on the first night. Apart from only bringing a burden, the fact that most women do not reach climax when they first have sex. Orgasm is easily achieved if the couple has been both comfortable and accustomed to the body and habits of one another. That is not always an orgasm at the same time.

How to prepare?

The first night is not a moment when everything can be predicted and arranged. But there are some guidelines / things you can remember to celebrate that night without worry.

1. Make yourself as comfortable as possible

Comfortable and relaxed is the most important factor in having a pleasant sexual relationship. Ignore concerns about body shape that is not as beautiful as the model. Instead of worrying about body shape, try to focus on happiness with your partner. Taking a deep breath, playing your favorite soothing music, and talking can be a way to relax.

2. Enjoying foreplay

Enjoy when kissing, touching, caressing. No need to rush to reach the stage of penetration.

3. Do not expect orgasm

In general, more new couples get to know each other when having sex. So, do not rush to expect orgasm, especially orgasm together. Establish communication with a partner, to get more intimacy. You need to know, even long-married couples cannot always reach orgasm simultaneously.

4. Avoid fake orgasms

The effect of orgasm is to make physical and mental better. Unfortunately, some people express themselves as if they have reached orgasm to make their partner happy. Yet besides deceiving yourself, you will not get the benefits of an orgasm. Furthermore, this will only make it harder for both parties to find the most comfortable way / position to reach a climax together.

5. Avoid alcoholic drinks

It’s best to avoid involving alcoholic drinks before or during intercourse to relieve anxiety. Liquor can make you less conscious during sexual activity.

Intimate relationships are very personal things that must be maintained by everyone. Waiting for the right time to have sex on the first night with the right person, without coercion, and being full of awareness and responsibility is one of the greatest forms of self-respect.

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