Is it true that swallowing sperm during pregnancy can trigger contractions? – Some people believe that swallowing sperm during pregnancy can lead to contractions. The problem is, sperm is prone to being swallowed when pregnant women perform oral sex with a partner. Instead of worried pregnant women, better find the answer here.

Oral sex during pregnancy can be an alternative to warm husband and wife relationships when pregnant women are not comfortable having sex with an enlarged stomach. However, not infrequently when a partner ejaculates, the secreted fluid can be swallowed by pregnant women.

The fluid released during ejaculation is semen. Semen not only contains sperm, but also several hormones.

Can Contractions Occur After Swallowing Sperm?

One of the hormones contained in semen is prostaglandins. This hormone is often used by doctors in the form of drugs for labor induction. That is probably why swallowing semen or semen is thought to trigger contractions.

Prostaglandins can indeed trigger labor. However, the levels of prostaglandins in the sperm fluid are not the same as the levels of prostaglandins at the induction procedure. In addition, ingested prostaglandins are known to be less effective in inducing labor.

So, swallowing sperm has nothing to do with contractions during pregnancy. If the sperm is accidentally swallowed, pregnant women don’t need to worry, because swallowing sperm during pregnancy has no effect on the pregnant woman’s content.

When viewed from the womb, swallowing sperm is not dangerous for pregnancy or the fetus. However, pregnant women need to know that swallowing sperm is still at risk of transmitting sexually transmitted infections if it turns out that their partner has the disease.

In addition, although it is rare, swallowing sperm can cause allergic reactions in a small proportion of women. This reaction can occur 20-30 minutes after the sperm is swallowed. Allergy symptoms that arise can include hives, hives, and difficulty breathing.

Even so, swallowing sperm while pregnant will not cause contractions that will trigger premature labor. However, immediately consult a doctor if pregnant women feel cramps in the stomach or other complaints after sex, including oral sex.