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It takes courage in letting parents leave forever


It takes courage in letting parents leave forever

Windowofworld.com – There are always stories, experiences, and distinct impressions that are felt every time the month of Ramadan comes. There are even stories that are never forgotten because they happened in this holy month. Everyone also has their own way of interpreting the month of Ramadan. The writing submitted by Fimela’s Friends who was included in the Story Sharing Competition about the Beauty of Ramadan in Share Your Stories this April also presents its own meaning and lesson.


By: Ratri Wardani

This story is inspired by a close friend of mine. About the struggle to live a life that not everyone is able to live it. He faced various tests, when many people rejoiced in welcoming such a glorious day. One by one he passed the trials, even though it was so difficult, but he was able to face them. I really admire his patience and sincerity.

I wrote her name Rika (name suppressed). Great woman who is the same age as me — approximately 25 years. He is my elementary school friend. We are quite close to his time. Just because I had to leave, we ended up being separated by a distance. However, the existence of social media keeps our relationship intact.

His father is an ojek driver, while his mother is just an ordinary housewife. He has a younger brother who is currently in high school (SMA). Rika has passed the Strata-1 Department of Special Education. MasyaAllah, he has a big dream to provide services for children with special needs (ABK). In the midst of his limited economic conditions, thank God he was able to complete his studies with the Bidikmisi scholarship from the government. Rika graduated on time with cum laude honors.

For me, he holds the best graduate is not a strange thing. Since we were in school, Rika has always been ranked in the top 5 in class. So it is not surprising, if he currently graduated from a State University with an outstanding student title. I am very proud. Rika can raise the rank of her parents. The son of a motorcycle taxi driver who is outstanding at one of the best campuses in Indonesia.

Last year, he decided to register Candidates for Civil Servants (CPNS). Qodarullah, after passing various kinds of selection tests, he passed and was placed in a district not far from where he lived. Glory to Allah, again he gets the sustenance that many people are aiming for. The acceptance process was unexpected. Supposedly, only the 2 candidates with the highest scores were accepted. While Rika is in third place. As it turned out, candidate number two resigned, Rika rose to the number two position. So beautiful is the scenario of Allah in providing sustenance to each of His servants.

Such a Tough Life Test

I can imagine how proud the family is — especially Rika’s father and mother to have the fact that their daughter is a civil servant. Of course, this is also coveted by many people.


Reality is sometimes not always as beautiful as we expect. A few days after receiving good news about his acceptance as a civil servant, there was bad news that accompanied him. Her father was hospitalized. There was news that his father was positive for Covid-19. Rika must self-isolate at home.

In the village where he lives, this is the first Covid-19 case. I can imagine what that would be like. Surely he must really be in the house and all his activities are limited. Some of the neighbors must also keep their distance.

Qodarullah, after several weeks of his father being treated, his mother was also hospitalized. According to information, he also has Covid-19. Big guess, this infection occurs from family clusters.

After a week in the hospital, news came that his father had passed away. He was devastated by the fact that the girl who had reached adulthood had to be abandoned by her father. This meant that he had to replace his father’s role as backbone. Rika is so strong and patient. Now, he only has a mother and younger brother. Two people to whom he was so precious and extraordinary.

After one week, news came back that his mother’s condition, who was still being treated in the hospital, had begun to deteriorate. I can imagine how his thoughts were so chaotic. The next day, it was reported again that his mother, who now had to follow his father, returned to His lap. His life must have been ruined. The two angels who raised him are now gone. Going away isn’t just a day, a week, a month, or a year — it’s gone forever. The two people who had been guarding him all this time had to go home first. She now has to become a parent to her younger brother.

When I heard the news, I immediately contacted Rika. I sent my condolences and hopes that he would always be strong, sincere, and patient, I sent him via short message on WA. Before long, he replied to my WA message with a short answer. I understand very well, his situation at that time was not okay. I have to be able to understand it.

From Rika’s life experience, I have learned many things. All who are alive will return to the Creator, who knows when and where. From Rika I learned, she is an extraordinary adult girl. This holy month has truly provided life lessons for many people.


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