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Listen! Medical Reasons for Newborns Cannot Sleep on their Stones


Listen! Medical Reasons for Newborns Cannot Sleep on their Stones

Windowofworld.com – Some babies may feel comfortable sleeping on their stomach. This must be watched out for because it raises various risks. Especially in newborns.

The following Popmama.com has summarized some medical reasons why newborns should not sleep on their stomach:

Sleeping on your stomach increases the risk of the baby dying

It’s best to avoid the baby sleeping on his stomach until the baby can roll over and on his stomach on his own.

Reporting from the page of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI), this sleeping position is related to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). SIDS is sudden infant death with no known cause after a thorough examination, including an examination of the scene, an autopsy, and a history of disease.

Apart from SIDS, sleep-related causes of infant death include choking, trapping, infection, metabolic disease, heart rhythm disturbances, and trauma.

If guarded, can the baby sleep on his stomach? Not. It is better if you place your baby on his back at or before bedtime, even if you take care of him! Remember, just a few seconds of oxygen loss can be fatal to a baby!

Also avoid putting the baby on his stomach on the chest or on the stomach when you lie down. If you intend to breastfeed, put the baby on your back on the bed and you lie beside him in a position ready to breastfeed.

Change the position of the baby who likes to lie on his stomach

Train babies to sleep on their backs. Some babies may like the prone position.

If Mama sees him sleeping in that position, immediately change his position. In the beginning, the baby may feel uncomfortable and fussy but it will get used to it over time.

What are the risks if the baby sleeps on his stomach?

Babies who are allowed to sleep on their stomachs face these risks:

1. Limited oxygen intake

When the baby sleeps on his stomach, the position of his face is close to the mattress, causing poor air circulation. The oxygen he inhales is limited, he inhales only the carbon dioxide he exhales. This can reduce the amount of oxygen reaching the baby’s lungs, and body cells.

2. Disturbed breathing

Sleeping on your stomach will also harm your baby’s breathing. This causes the baby to have difficulty breathing and even suffocation.

3. Excess heat

The body of a newborn is sensitive to changes in temperature. When compared to adults, babies can generate and lose as much as 4 times as much body heat.

Prone sleeping position can interfere with the dissipation of body heat, causing an increase in body temperature. Excess heat in babies can cause fever or dehydration.

4.Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

In line with IDAI, the National Institute of Health also suggests that sleeping on your stomach is one of the factors causing SIDS.

Older babies may sleep on their stomachs

You can let the baby sleep on his stomach when the baby is able to lie on his stomach and roll over on his own. If the baby is able to do that on his own, usually his gross motor skills are more complex.

They can hold or adjust their stomach position if they feel uncomfortable. Usually this happens when the baby is six months old. But if your baby can’t get on her stomach and roll over on her own, don’t let her sleep on her stomach, Mom.

Tips for safely putting the baby to sleep

A safe sleeping position can prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The recommended sleeping positions for babies by the American Academy of Pediatrics are:

  • The baby is positioned on his back every time he sleeps until the age of one year. The supine position reduces the risk of your baby choking during sleep.
  • Get rid of soft objects such as dolls or other toys. Let the bed clean of toys.
  • Pacifiers can be used when putting the baby to sleep. Don’t put chains or ropes on nipples okay, Ma.
  • Make sure the baby’s room temperature is not too hot. Babies should wear clothes that are not too thick. If the baby seems sweaty, restless, and hot to the touch, then the clothes need to be changed or the room temperature needs to be lowered. Hot rooms can also increase the risk of developing SIDS in babies.
  • Do not use soft or soft bedding. It is recommended to use a firm mattress wrapped in a fitted sheet.

Well, that’s an explanation of the medical reasons why newborns shouldn’t sleep on their stomachs. Sleep is important in a baby’s growth. Therefore, you have to make sure that your baby gets quality sleep.

Hopefully this is useful, Ma!


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