3 Things Determined Male Sexual Arousal

3 Things Determined Male Sexual Arousal

Windowofworld.com – Male sexual arousal is said to be triggered more easily than women. Actually that is not entirely true. Men and women feel sexual arousal differently. The difference is in how the brains and organs of men and women work on sexual stimulation.

According to research, the majority of adult men think about sex at least once a day. When compared with women, male sexual arousal can generally appear spontaneously, more often and more varied fantasies. Women also actually have sexual fantasies, although the intensity is not as frequent as men.

Determined Male Sexual Arousal

There are three things that determine male sexual arousal, namely:

1. Brain system

Male sexual arousal is mainly in the brain, including sexual ability. That’s why men can experience orgasm just by thinking or dreaming about sexual activity. In fact, images that can be sexually stimulating can cause men to have orgasms.

When a man feels aroused, the signals in the brain stimulate the heart rate and blood flow to the genitals, causing an erection that can end with an orgasm.

2. The hormone testosterone

The hormone testosterone has an important role for male sexual arousal. This hormone has the function of forming male sex organs, hair and muscle growth, production of sperm and red blood cells. Changes in the voice of teenage boys when they get older are also influenced by this hormone.

The highest levels of the hormone testosterone experienced by men at the end of adolescence, then will decrease further. Stepping on the age of 30 years, the hormone testosterone will decrease little by little. This will make the erection reaction slower and harder to get back after ejaculation.

3. Direct and visual stimulation

If a woman can be turned on by a sexual story or fantasy, then a man needs direct and visual stimulation. That’s why porn movies or oral sex from a partner can stimulate male sexual arousal. Unlike men, women need more foreplay or romanticism to increase their arousal before sexual intercourse.

Men can feel sexual arousal just by sitting alone and looking at an erotic image or video. Meanwhile, most women need to involve affection or romance with their partner to trigger their passion. Women’s sexual arousal is more easily increased when they read romantic drama novels and full of fantasy than seeing erotic pictures.

Changes in Male Sexual Desire with Age

Changes in women’s sexual desire can be affected by menopause. Unlike women, male sexual arousal will last a lifetime. However, sexual activity has changed in terms of how to enjoy and the frequency.

Men will begin to experience various changes when they enter the age of 40, including a decrease in sexual desire compared to the previous few years. In addition, men also take longer to get an erection, experience an erection that is not optimal or a decrease in penis size.

As you get older, men are at higher risk for disorders such as premature ejaculation. Certain health conditions, depression, and excessive alcohol consumption can be factors that increase the risk of premature ejaculation.

So to keep men’s sexual arousal at its prime, live a healthy lifestyle. Starting from maintaining a nutritionally balanced diet, exercising regularly and regularly, avoiding smoking and alcoholic drinks, to managing stress well.

Do not let the male sexual arousal disorders that you or your partner drag on. If you feel a disturbance in your sexual life, immediately consult a doctor for the best solution. So that your household life remains more harmonious.

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