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Marketing Strategies: 3 Simple Steps to Creating Your Ideal Income


Marketing Strategies: 3 Simple Steps to Creating Your Ideal Income

Marketing Strategies: 3 Simple Steps to Creating Your Ideal Income

Are you interested in creating your ideal income this year? Are you tired of waiting for things to get better? Do you feel that you have so much more potential than you currently use?

Imagine for a moment to reach your ideal income. How would it look and feel? What could you do what you can’t do now?

Ask yourself what are the things you need to do now to reveal it? Need a way to increase your motivation? Must stop to delay? Do you stop avoiding marketing? Should you be more accountable to yourself?

If you want to learn a simple way to create your ideal income, read on …

Step 1: Get clear about what you want.

Know exactly where you want to be professional in 12 months from today? To achieve even more clarity, I invite you to this simple visualization.

Sit in a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed. Ask yourself the following questions: In a year of what kind of work do you want to do? How many hours per week do you want to do this? Who would be your ideal clients and colleagues? What kind of people do you want to be? What would be your ideal physical environment for work? Ultimately, ask yourself what will be your ideal income? Choose a figure that is realistic but optimistic.

Here’s an example of one of my clients of what your visualization might look like. In a year from today I see myself doing real estate, mostly working with presentations and surrounded with people I want; people who are optimistic, responsible, dedicated and motivated. I have my own office, and I look out of a large window at a garden. My income is $ 150,000 net.

How close is it to you?

Step 2: Overcome the obstacles, challenges, self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotage strategies.

In Step 1 you have clarity about your ideal professional life. In Step 2, you identify the blocks that you will have to overcome to get there. Ask yourself what strikes you? What are your self-limiting beliefs? What are your self-sabotage strategies?

In my 30 years of coaching people to be successful, the self-limiting beliefs I hear most are:

I’m not good enough.

I don’t know enough.

I don’t have what it takes to succeed.

I can’t do marketing.

If I market myself, I’m afraid I’ll be rejected.

Look closely at the list and ask yourself which resonate with you? Here’s the good news: These aren’t facts, it’s beliefs and beliefs can be changed. One of the things I help do to my clients is to reprogram their self-limiting beliefs in an Empowering faith. If you were to reprogram the beliefs above, would that really mean? Anything like:

I’m more than good enough

I know everything I need to know and I can always investigate and find the answers.

I have everything I need to succeed.

I learn to become a master of marketing.

Since I have something of value to offer me. Prospective clients, probably I’ll be accepted.

How would you feel those beliefs as your foundation?

Step 3: Create your writing.

Once you explain what you want and reprogram your self-limiting beliefs, the next step is to create your writing. What is the area you need to develop the most? Is it marketing, is it time management, is it built trust? What you ever decide, you need a script to reach it.

Why do I recommend a script rather than a plan? A business plan is a written document that sets out a series of logical steps that lead to the achievement of an objective in the business. A business plan follows specific guidelines and requires certain information. A scripture, on the other hand, comes from your imagination. You can write what you want and do not follow guidelines set by someone else.

Einstein once said: Imagination is more important than knowledge. Imagination is an integral part of ourselves and our intuition. When we write a script, we feel what we are writing and create those feelings that connect our body to our imagination. When we are free to imagine and feel what we want, we don’t just become like magnets like drawing it to us, but we are also led by inspired action.

What is the difference between inspired action and furious action? The difference is between faith and fear. As you probably heard, Desperation didn’t sell. And yet many of my clients came to see me in a state of fear and panic. They took action, outraged action, based on their fear and then wondered why their marketing didn’t work. Fear does not attract customers, it pushes them off.

Inspired action, on the other hand, is action steps that you feel inspired to do. What inspires you? Your vision, why you’re doing what you do. Here’s a tip: If you really want to be successful, focus on the service you give to others, not the money. The money will follow if you make a contribution and do what you love.

One last thought about Faith vs Fear. Here is a story illustrating the message: A student goes to his teacher and says: I have a terrible battle between my fear and my faith. My fear is represented by a black dog and my faith is represented by a white dog. They struggle all the time and I don’t know which one to win. The teacher says, of course, the white dog. The student says: How do you know? The teacher says, because it’s the one you’re going to feed.

Here’s a tip: How many creative ways can you find feeding your white dog?


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