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Money Is Not A Tool To Buy Happiness

Money Is Not A Tool To Buy Happiness


Many people who have a lot of wealth, companies, excessive material, so they are not kept in their homes. But I had time to think, is she happy? Does she feel a peaceful, comfortable and always smiling life in her home? ?


More than many cases, 1000 of the 1 million people in this world do not feel happy even though their lives are always a lot of property. They are always honored with a high sense of social jealousy and always discriminating with the very green side grass even though he is poor .


Then how can those who live in poverty be able to create happiness that is peaceful, lasting and prosperous? Only one keyword is “Thankful“. There is no limit to people achieving something on this earth, there are no laws that regulate your happiness to this extent, no president make rules you have to suffer and there is no one who can limit your happiness “except yourself“.


Never look at people happier than you, they are poor You are rich. They can only eat simple, you can eat in fancy restaurants. They only wear dull clothes, you can wear expensive clothes and shoes are embellished with ties and office coats. Why are you still envy with those who are poor? I am surprised by someone like you?


No need to answer … !!! “Yes, indeed I have everything but not as happy as they are, and if I can buy happiness with my property, surely whatever price I will buy”.


No matter how much money and property you have, even the richest man in the world, Bill Gates will not be able to buy that happiness, if I ask him the founder of Microsoft, I will answer “your treasure is just a little of their happiness even that your property is meaningless to them“.


If Bill Gates is angry, I answer, “Yes, because happiness is not from what we have but from what we are grateful for.” No need to be dumbfounded, I am a smart person like you understand what I say, otherwise you need to sit again in elementary school and wearing school uniform again.


We are indeed living in need of money, need money, need to make ends meet. But the costs, needs, and everything that is the main thing of life is happy. You work unhappy, messy … !!! You trade unhappy, there is no way anyone will buy, you motivate unhappy people, demons who will hear your motivation. The main points and pillars of our lives are happy first, live this life as happily as possible, wake up to work must be happy and happy, if you don’t make a permit and send it to your manager that you are not happy then you ask permission to take a day off and relax. One hour of mail you will definitely get televon from the office, “What is this, you did not enter work just reason is not happy? “When your boss or your manager say that in televon, just say,” Yes, sir, do you allow me to leave for today, otherwise I resign from the company !!! !!! “You don’t need to talk to your boss for a long time. that, just say that then close the televon from the office.


The next day if your feelings are happy to be ready to face all the routine of the office then you leave. Before entering the office, the receptionist / office receptionist will call you and will tell you to face your manager.


Say “Enter … !!!”, while knocking on the door of your boss’s room and then sit in the front seat of your boss. Listen to him scold you until it’s finished and say, “When do we have a holiday with Mr., to the beach maybe or go camping at the top.” again your boss’s chatter, then say this, “Today you are not happy, you should not go to work first or you will damage the office atmosphere and make office losses”.


After you speak like that to your boss, stand up and go to your desk and finish your assignment yesterday, permit and work today. I am sure there is no day you will complete the task, give the report to your boss. Don’t be surprised if your boss tells you to make a vacation schedule together next week.


If your boss doesn’t tell you to make a vacation schedule, it means your company has a boss who is less happy even though his knowledge or education above you is far away. You can just say that you are resending from your company and waiting for the news to come.


Happy is easy, simple and cheap. Only we who make happy are expensive, happy, it’s hard and happy, it’s only for people who are a lot of money. If your mind is still like that, take one glass of drinking water and mix the 5 salt and stir. After you drink it is like your life, you have been given drinking water to drink but you have salt. Are you not a stupid person?


“Don’t make it difficult for us to be happy just for reasons that will make us suffer”.


I am Rendy Khay from Cilacap, Central Java, Indonesia, thanking you for reading this story, hopefully next time we can meet and of course in a state of inner and outer success.


Always happy friends … !!!!

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