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Poster-and Light Boxes

Posteris an important aspect to consider when a poster of your favorite movie hangs. on a wall. Appropriate presentation that fits the rest of the room decorations can help to make the film experience, but not only.

The presentation of your newly created movie poster by estimation or assembly will lead to a more attractive final product in any room. In particular, estimated film-level kates are the best in a shared room at home theater, eg. A living room or a bedroom house theater.

However, by mounting and in particular a poster, it offers a further important advantage. It also represents an important step to keep your posters much longer.

While both frames and mounts offer a wonderful way to offer a more stylish finish in any room, but in the case of a dedicated home theater room, the ultimate poster presentation is the illuminated poster cabinet. Using a lighted box will help you to bring the movie ‘feel’ into your home.

Movie poster drawers add a unique finish to your home theater, or in that case where you want to display your favorite poster.

The Poster:

Light BoxThe classic way to relieve movie-level cartoons for display is from the back. Most placard lightboxes work in this way by having a light source at the back of a boxing frame. A spray plate is used to eliminate the formation of possible hot spots of light over the film print area.

These poster ligatures are also referred to as ‘lighted poster boxes’ and are usually designed to take 1 posters. The latter is typically 27 cm in width from 40 to 41 inches in height, depending on whether the poster is a pre 1983/1985 or otherwise.

Be careful! Not all single-sheet size movie slats are best suited for display in an illuminated poster box. Why?

A sheet comes in either one-sided or double-sided prints, with the last mentioned DS 1 sheet. Although it is possible to store some kind of item in a poster cabinet, the best posters that can be used in an illuminated poster cabinet are double sided posters.

DS 1 posters print on both the front and back of the paper stock, with the print on the back in precise alignment with the front and a mirror image of the front print.

Light from behind the 1-page poster will have to go through both prints, with the poster as if it were a strip of film. The two prints on either side of the poster will provide a more robust and rich relief of poster art.

It is not to say that the cheaper and more general unilateral posters are not suitable for use in lighted shelters. It’s only that single-sided 1-sheet posters are wiped out slightly when lighted from the back.