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MP3 Players – They’re So Cool

MP3 Players – They’re So Cool

Unless you’ve lived under the rock in recent years, you’ll know that the most popular MP3 player in the world is Apple’s remote iPod. It comes in all kinds of editions, including the Mini, the Nano and the Shuffle and each is a bestseller.

What you may not realize is that Apple is not the only game in the city when it comes to mp3 players. In fact, they are quite a recent participant in the market. Companies like iRiver and Creative have been a lot longer, and their players are also worth considering as they can often be cheaper than the equivalent iPod or more features.

When comparing the prices of mp3 players, the one feature you look at more than any other should be capacity. Do not forget that a 40GB mp3 player can store twice as much as a 20GB.

However, there are other features to search. Although everyone calls their mp3 players, mp3s are not the only format you might want your player to play if you want to use it with Microsoft Media Player, for example, you need a player who is also capable of playing wma Windows Media Audio) format files. If you want to purchase music from the iTunes Music Store, you need a player who can play aac (Apple) format files.

Another problem is the battery life. Almost all MP3 players are now powered by main chargers, rather than changing the battery, but the battery life ranges from as little as 2 hours to as high as 10. Make sure you do not work with a player who does not work for a long time if you want to use it for long periods of power.

Of course, the most important feature for many people will always be how their mp3 player looks when they use and carry it. There is nothing wrong with it, but do not be deceived to buy a turkey just because it has a nice design

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