How to Download MP3 to PSP?

How to Download MP3 to PSP? – Is not difficult to learn how to download MP3 to PSP. Once you know how, you’ll see it! Your PSP is a great piece of electronic technology, it lets you watch movies and play games, even surfing the web, but it loses some of its usefulness if you don’t know how to use them. In this short tutorial I will show you exactly what you need to do to download MP3 to PSP.

How to Download MP3 to PSP Part 1

How to get started depends on whether you have already stored MP3 songs on your computer. If you don’t already have it, use software to rip the music from your CDs and save them to your computer. Most modern computers have all this software, but if you do not do a simple search engine, there is a lot of MP3 software available these days.

How to Download MP3 to PSP Part 1

If the songs you want are already stored as MP3s on your computer, you can skip this step. If not, convert it to MP3 using your software, if you haven’t already. Insert your CD into the computer and use the rip software to extract the amount of songs you need. This will be a very quick step.

How to Download MP3 to PSP Part 3

To download the MP3 to the PSP, make sure your computer is connected to the PSP with a USB cable. Turn the PSP off when you plug it in, and turn it on once the connection is made. What you need to do now is create a separate folder for the PSP music memory stick. No matter what name you give to this file, as long as it is in the PSP folder named Music. You can download the MP3 to PSP from here using copy and paste to paste the files into your newly created folder.

Yes, it is so easy to learn how to download MP3 to PSP. Go now and enjoy your music!
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