Music of the 70s

We all associate songs and music with events in our lives. Many songs hold special memories for us. We remember the songs that played when we went to our first dance, the songs that the school group played at the high school soccer during the semifinals, the songs we heard on our first date, or the songs we heard. the radio while driving our first car.

The music of the 1970s is probably the most impressive and most recognized of any era. The artists of the 1970s presented us with numerous songs, which we loved to dance and sing together. At that time most bands actually played their own instruments and did not need to follow it.

Remember how we listen to the music? Initially we had eight players in our cars, then we went to cassette players. Vinyl records were the most popular way to listen to our favorite music. Every week you can go to your local variety or record store and pick up the new # 1 on a 45-record for less than $ 1.00. Of course there was always the radio to listen to – most of the popular channels were on the radio. We had many musical styles to listen to, including the bell band of David Cassidy and the Partridge family, the soft rock of Barry Manilow, the big dance songs of the Bee Gees and the Commodores, the rock of Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin, the copper band sounds of Chicago, or the disco beat of Chic and Donna Summers.

The nostalgia of 1970’s music lives today. We can listen to our local 70’s radio station, on CDs, on mp3, download it on our computer and burn it on CDs. For those of us who prefer the records, we can still buy it at record stores, antique or second-hand stores, or site sales. Of course, many of us held on our own record collections and recorded players and can be pulled out at any time when we have to revive those nostalgic days of the 1970s. Some bands perform more than 30 years. There’s nothing like seeing your favorite 1970 artists!

The music of the 1970s is still popular with people of all ages, not just those who grew up. It never gets old. It only gets better than every decade.