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NASA plans to send the first female astronauts to the moon in 2024

NASA plans to send the first female astronauts to the moon in 2024 – The United States Space Agency, or NASA, outlines plans to send the first female astronauts to the Moon in 2024.

Quoted from the BBC, Tuesday (22/9/2020), (NASA) has officially outlined a plan worth US $ 28 billion to return to the Moon in 2024. This program is called by NASA as the Artemis mission.

“US $ 28 billion will represent the costs associated for the next four years in the Artemis program to land on the Moon. SLS funding, Orion funding, human landing systems, and of course spacesuit. Everything that is part of the Artemis program is included,” added Jim Bridenstine, administrator of NASA, as quoted by the BBC, Sunday (27/09/2020).

However, the program schedule still depends on the outcome of the congress which spent US $ 3.2 billion (Rp. 47 T) in order to build a landing system.

“The budget requests we have in the DPR and Senate currently include US $ 3.2 billion for 2021 for the human landing system. It is very important for us to get that US $ 3.2 billion,” added Bridenstine.

This Artemis program will include a man and a woman to go to the surface of the Moon. The two astronauts will later travel in an Apollo-like capsule, called Orion. Orion will be launched on a powerful rocket named SLS.

Needs More Funds

The US House of Representatives has passed a law that allocates US $ 600 million for landers to the moon. But NASA will need more funding to fully develop the vehicle.

“I want to make it clear, we are very grateful to the House of Representatives, that they have considered the human landing system as important, therefore they will give US $ 600 million. But we still need US $ 3.2 billion,” he added. Brindenstine.

In July 2019, Bridenstine said that the first female astronaut will go to the Moon in 2024. She is someone who has been tested, someone who has carried out flying missions, and someone who has been on the International Space Station.

At that time, there were 12 active female astronauts. They have joined five other female NASA astronauts who graduated from training earlier this year. But it remains unclear whether any of the newest astronauts will meet the criteria in time to fly their first landing mission in 2024.

When will NASA Select Artemis Crew Members

Asked about a schedule for selecting crew members for Artemis, the head of Bridenstine said he hopes to select a team at least two years before the first mission.

The plan to send astronauts back to the Moon is based because the White House wants to renew America’s leadership in space. There are also plans to extract valuable water ice deposits from the Moon’s South Pole. That activity could be used to make rocket fuel on the Moon, at a lower cost than bringing it from Earth.

The head of NASA’s space flight, Kathy Lueders, said that the Artemis-1 will last for about a month to test all critical systems. He also added that the demonstration flight will reduce the risk of Artemis-2, which will repeat its journey around the Moon with astronauts.

A new test has been added to this mission, which is proximity operations. Shortly after Orion broke away on the SLS rocket, what is known as the temporary cryogenic propulsion stage, astronauts will manually pilot the spacecraft as they approach their destination.

This new test will assess the quality of Orion’s use, including the performance of the spacecraft’s hardware and software.

In addition, NASA has provided $ 967 million to several companies to work on designs for the landing vehicles that will get them there.

NASA Plans to Create a Human Base on the Moon

Then there will be plans to ask NASA to set up a human base, called “Artemis Base Camp.” Where the base will include the infrastructure needed for lunar exploration in the long term.

On the other hand, Vice President Mike Pence also cited concerns over China’s space ambitions, because in January 2019, the superpower in East Asia managed to land a rover robot on the far side of the Moon. The country is now preparing for its first mission to send lunar soil samples to laboratories on Earth.

“But for now, China doesn’t have any scheduled flights to the moon until 2024. However, they can do the same this decade,” he added.

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