Normal Childbirth vs Caesar: These Benefits and Risks

Normal Childbirth vs Caesar: These Benefits and Risks

Normal Childbirth vs Caesar: These Benefits and Risks

Normal childbirth vs cesarean section are often considered by pregnant women. Basically, giving birth normally or by caesarean section is equally good, depending on the condition of the mother and baby. Both of these methods have their respective benefits and risks.

There are women who choose to give birth normally for a more natural reason and can feel to be a “biological mother”. There are also women who choose to give birth by cesarean section because they do not want to feel labor pain or maintain the shape of the sex organs after giving birth.

Both normal and cesarean delivery have the same main goal, which is to make labor go smoothly and ensure that the mother and baby are safe. If you are considering which method of labor you want to do, first understand all the advantages and disadvantages of both methods of labor.

Benefits and Risks of Normal Childbirth
Normal childbirth is a natural way of giving birth to a baby through the vagina without surgery. This method is considered the safest and most recommended way for healthy pregnancy conditions.

There are several benefits of giving birth normally, including:

The process of recovery and hospitalization at the hospital is faster.
The risk of developing health problems in babies is less.
Speed ​​up the bonding process between mother and baby.
If later in labor again, the normal delivery process can be faster and shorter.
Can start early breastfeeding (IMD) or breastfeed a baby immediately after giving birth.
While the risks of having a normal delivery are:

Unexpected complications occur during labor, such as heavy bleeding.
The vagina must be sewn if torn or cut (episiotomy).
If the baby’s size is too large, childbirth assistance may be needed, such as a vacuum or forceps.
Fatigue due to long and difficult labor.
If the condition of the mother and baby is healthy and has no complicating factors, then the normal delivery method is the most recommended.

Benefits and Risks of Childbirth to Caesar
Caesarean section is performed by making a transverse incision in the mother’s abdomen and uterus. There are several benefits of labor by caesarean section, including:

Can choose their own delivery time (elective caesarean section).
Reducing the risk of injury at birth, such as shoulder dystocia (fetal shoulder straps and cannot be born) or fetal fractures.
Reducing the risk of urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse (descending peranakan).
It is recommended for pregnant women who have complications or pregnancy complications.
Apart from its advantages, the method of cesarean delivery also has disadvantages or risks, namely:

The process of recovery and hospitalization in the hospital takes longer than normal delivery.
Surgical injuries cause scars and pain. The recovery process is relatively long, can take weeks or even months.
Perform limited activity at least 6 weeks after surgery.
The occurrence of complications due to anesthesia, such as nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, severe headaches, to nerve damage.
Occurrence of complications due to surgery, such as blockage of blood vessels, infection, bleeding, to adhesions (growth of scar tissue that makes the organs in the stomach stick together).
Possibility of returning to caesarean section in the next labor.
Placenta previa in the next pregnancy.
This operation is usually done because normal delivery risks endangering the safety of the mother and baby. The following are some of the things that often cause the need for a caesarean section:

The mother has a medical condition that does not allow her to give birth normally, such as diabetes, preeclampsia, herpes in the birth canal, HIV, heart disease, or placenta previa.
Mother will give birth to twins.
The size of the baby is quite large or in breech position.
Mother has narrow pelvis.
The process of opening the birth canal is slow.
Never had a cesarean before.
Apart from the advantages and disadvantages of giving birth to the normal Caesarean section, the decision to take the normal delivery method or cesarean section will ultimately be adjusted to the results of consultation and examination by an obstetrician or midwife.

The doctor or midwife will conduct a pregnancy check and monitor the condition of the mother and fetus until the gestational age is months, then determine the best delivery step.


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