6 Ways To Nourish Hair To Be More Beautiful

Windowofworld.com – Many people want hair that looks thick. Various methods are used, from hair care to taking certain supplements. Let’s look at how to effectively nourish hair.

Hair has grown since the fetus in the womb is 22 weeks old. At this stage there are about five million follicles (sacs where hair grows) throughout the body with 1 million of them in the head. But the more a person ages, the less hair density. This happens because the scalp is getting wider while the follicles are no longer being produced.

In addition to hair follicles, the use of hair care products made from hard and structuring that makes the hair pulled makes hair easily fall out. To get fertile hair, the scalp must be healthy. A healthy scalp will make hair grow fast, thick, shiny, and easy to manage.

How to Nourish Hair?

The most important way to nourish hair is to maintain healthy hair and scalp. To support healthy hair and scalp, do the following:

1. Meet the needs of protein

Meet the needs of protein because the main composition of hair is protein. About 45 grams of protein must be consumed every day to support hair health. If lacking, the hair becomes brittle and dull. Some sources of protein that can be selected are low-fat meat, poultry meat, fish, beans, eggs, and low-fat dairy products.

2. Meet the needs of vitamins B and D

B complex vitamins are important in addition to regulating the body’s metabolism and maintaining the central nervous system, it is also useful for healthy hair and scalp. This vitamin can be obtained from grains, cauliflower, carrots, dark green leafy vegetables, beef liver, poultry, eggs, soybeans, avocados, and nuts.

Meanwhile, vitamin D is claimed to reactivate hair follicles which are not active, although there is no guarantee that follicles always produce hair. Vitamin D can be obtained by consuming salmon, mushrooms, seeds, orange juice, and low-fat milk fortified with vitamin D.

3. Meet the needs of zinc

In addition to protein and vitamins, minerals such as zinc are also needed to prevent hair loss. This substance can be obtained from nuts, vegetables, fruits, and from drinking water. If necessary, you can also take supplements that contain zinc.

4. Applying essential oils

In addition to intake of nutritious food, how to fertilize the hair can also be done by applying essential oils. Grape seed oil extract is suspected to fertilize the hair because it contains linoleic acid. In addition, rosemary oil can also be used to stimulate hair roots, increase hair growth, and increase circulation in the scalp.

5. Eat foods that contain omega-3s.

Enough omega-3 intake, both to support healthy hair follicles and stimulate oil glands. Although it does not cause hair growth, omega-3 is believed to be able to improve scalp health. Food sources that contain omega-3s are salmon, sardines, yogurt, cheese, salads, and cereals.

6. Avoid chemicals

How to nourish hair that is not less important is to avoid chemicals in hair care products. Hair dye, curling agents, and hair straightening agents are hair cosmetic products that usually contain a lot of chemicals. In addition, do not forget to always wash your hair after swimming because the chlorine in pool water can damage the hair. Wear a hat when outdoors activities to protect your hair from the sun.

Food is the best source of vitamins for hair growth. But if you have difficulty getting it, you can take supplements as If you experience problems with your hair or are concerned about the health of your hair, it is advisable to consult a doctor.