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Nurses Suffer During The Pandemic: Fatigue, Psychological Pressure to Abuse

Nurses Suffer During The Pandemic: Fatigue, Psychological Pressure to Abuse – Many nurses caring for Covid-19 patients suffer from exhaustion or psychological stress and many of them have even experienced harassment or discrimination outside of work. This was revealed by the International Council of Nurses (ICN).

Marking World Mental Health Day which falls today, Saturday (10/10/2020), ICN said the supply of personal protective equipment for nurses and other health workers in several nursing homes remains insufficient.

“We are very concerned about the impact of mental health on nurses,” Howard Catton, a British nurse who is the chief executive of ICN, told Reuters Television at the association’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

“Our recent survey of national nursing associations shows that more than 70% of them (associations) say that nurses have experienced violence or discrimination and as a result they are very concerned about extreme cases of psychological distress and mental health distress,” he told the news agency based. in the UK.

The figure is based on responses from about a quarter of national nursing associations in more than 130 countries.

Catton said nurses faced a broad spectrum of issues affecting their mental health, including physical and verbal abuse.

“There are nurses who experience discrimination, whose owners don’t renew their apartment rent, or they can’t get child care for their children,” he said, without providing details of the physical or verbal abuse in question.

ICN has been lobbying for better protection and working conditions for nurses on the front lines in the current pandemic.

“We are still seeing problems with the supply of personal protective equipment. There are improvements, especially in hospitals, “said Catton.

“But some nursing homes and long-term care facilities in Europe, and in North and South America are still short on supplies,” he added, citing a survey of his members.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said Monday that services for mentally ill and substance abuse patients have been disrupted around the world during the pandemic, and that Covid-19 is expected to cause further distress for many.

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