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6 List of Foods for the Paleo Diet


What is Paleo Diet?

Windowofworld.com – Paleo diet or can be called caveman diet, is one method of diet that adopts the diet of cavemen prehistoric times of the paleolithic era. Then, why are cavemen used as models to go on a diet?

Cavemen are used as dietary references because they are considered to have a diet that is in accordance with the basic design of the human body. Therefore, the food sources in this diet are made as closely as possible to those consumed by cavemen.

Paleo diet is believed to be able to improve health as expressed in several clinical trials, namely to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. The results of several clinical trials also state that this diet is useful to help you lose weight, reduce acne, improve overall health and performance athletic body.


List of Foods in the Paleo Diet

Foods that are recommended for consumption according to this diet are foods that are obtained by cavemen by hunting, fishing, or found in nature. In general, these foods are meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. Other types of food that can be categorized as caveman food are tubers and shellfish.

Even though they cannot imitate one hundred percent of what cavemen consume, there is a modified version for modern food today. One that is used as a benchmark is gluten-free food. Gluten itself is like glue or adhesive which is a combination of proteins that can be found in wheat.

Food groups that meet the above requirements include:

  1. Vegetables.
  2. Fruits.
  3. Nuts and seeds are free of pesticides and fungicides.
  4. Low-fat meat, especially those that are fed grass or forage for themselves.
  5. Fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, mackerel, and tuna.
  6. Oils derived from grains and nuts, such as olive oil and walnut oil.

In the Paleo diet, some of the foods below are recommended to be avoided;

  1. Various dairy products.
  2. Lentils, peas, and peanuts.
  3. Grains and potatoes.
  4. Salt.
  5. Refined sugar.
  6. All packaged foods in general.

Those who do the paleo diet are advised not to consume other drinks besides water, coconut water, or organic green tea. If you want to give food a sweet taste, you can use real honey or coconut sugar. Although permitted, consumption of raw honey and coconut sugar should be limited. To be sure, these dieters must continue to do physical activity regularly.

Who is recommended to do this diet?

This diet is considered suitable for those who suffer from diabetes. Because, this diet limits carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrate sources allowed in this diet have a low glycemic index. This type of food makes the pancreas do not need to work hard so the amount of medication needed is not too much.

In addition, this diet is considered suitable for diabetics because it prioritizes foods rich in lean protein and rich in fiber, so that it can help control blood sugar levels and prevent weight gain. Besides being good for diabetics, the Paleo diet is also considered good for preventing heart disease and other serious conditions. This diet is also a good possibility to cleanse toxins in the body, sharpen memory, and make connections between organs in the body better.

Although this diet promises good results because it focuses on natural foods, but due to strict rules, not everyone is able to run it for a long time. Another difficulty is that this diet modeled on the food consumed by cavemen in ancient times, while the situation and conditions at that time were very different from today.

The most worrying thing about taking a paleo diet is the risk of unbalanced nutrition and lack of certain nutrients the body needs, because this diet forbids some important foods, such as whole grains and milk.

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