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6 Types of Perfume Scents that Match Your Personality

6 Types of Perfume Scents that Match Your Personality – The perfume scents you use can make yourself remembered by others like a certain trait. These characteristics can give the impression of being sweet, sexy, calm, courageous, or so on. In addition, the smell of fragrances can also have a positive impact on improving sleep quality, self-confidence, mood, reducing stress, and physical and cognitive performance, as noted by perfume experts.

Therefore, when you choose a perfume, try to also consider the suitability with your personality and cultural associations that are generally applicable in society. For example, certain personality types can stand out more when using certain perfume scents. Or certain perfumes are not suitable for use in certain socio-cultural contexts, such as the scent of musk that presents a sexy image may not be suitable if you use it for sports or attending religious events.

Here is an image of a perfume’s personality and aroma that you might be able to use as a benchmark.

1. Youthful

For those of you who are full of enthusiasm for everyday life and are young at heart, the scent of red grapefruit might be right for you. One study said that women who used a perfume with a red grapefruit scent tended to be viewed as five years younger than those who didn’t choose this scent.

2. Slim

A neurologist says that if you use a perfume with a scent of flowers and spices, you can feel yourself slimmer.

Meanwhile, other neurologists found that the aroma of vanilla contributed to triggering women to feel thinner. The vanilla scent works as a substitute for the same pleasures of eating candy. However, it doesn’t seem wise to spray vanilla perfume on an empty stomach because it can make you hungrier. Conversely, when you have eaten, this aroma can help you curb the urge to eat your next snack.

3. The hobby of reading

If you enjoy learning new things, like reading, or just memorizing greetings, then the scent of mixed flowers is believed to be able to help you. A neurologist said that the smell makes a person able to learn faster, compared to studying in an unscented room.

4. Have a sporty spirit

A study stated that someone who exercised became faster at running and was more able to do push-ups when exposed to the aroma of peppermint. A psychologist revealed that the aroma of peppermint can increase activity in areas of the brain that wake us up in the morning. For those of you who like sports and have a sporty spirit, try spraying peppermint perfume on your clothes a few times and feel the benefits for yourself.

5. Multitasker

Someone who works on several tasks at once is called a multitasker. People with this type may be affectionate with the scent of jasmine perfume. Neurologists say that the scent of jasmine has been shown to increase a person’s productivity and focus, as well as speed up reaction times, perfect for the busy multitasker.

The scent of jasmine can not only help you focus as a busy person, but can also calm you down so you can sleep well. Research by a psychologist has shown that the scent of jasmine in your bedroom can bring you to sleep. In addition, another laboratory found that the scent of jasmine increased brain waves associated with deep sleep. It doesn’t hurt to try spraying jasmine perfume around your bed. No less important, this scent is believed to help you be more alert when you wake up the next day.

6. The calm

For those of you who yearn for tranquility or just want to get rid of anxiety, try the scent of lavender perfume. This scent can generally bring out calm. In addition, if you inhale the scent of lavender, you can relax more because exposure to this scent can lower your heart rate and reduce levels of the hormone cortisol, aka the stress hormone. Psychologists recommend spraying this lavender at bedtime or during work breaks to help prevent decreased concentration in the afternoon.

No matter what scent you choose, remember that basically any pleasant smell can lift the mood. But of the variety of scents, sweet scents do the best job at doing just that, a study suggests.

The benefits and fragrances of perfume may please you, but don’t overuse them, let alone bathe in cologne. You may be able to adapt to the scent of perfume after 15 minutes, but maybe not for other people. They can be uncomfortable with the smell of excessive perfume, which can cause coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath, or nausea. This is because certain perfume content can cause irritation when it comes in contact with the lining of the nose and lungs in some people. Even in some people with asthma, a strong perfume can trigger an asthma attack. In addition, people can also experience fragrance allergies, so don’t force yourself to use perfume if you or those around you feel uncomfortable when inhaling it.

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