5 Quick Steps Play PSP Online

5 Quick Steps Playing PSP Online

5 Quick Steps Play PSP Online

Windowofworld.com – Many PSP owners have no idea about play PSP online, so this article will show you how to do it! Your PSP has access to free wireless internet and this article will tell you exactly what to do!

Resources: You need equipment to get your PSP online. You will definitely need to have some wireless internet signals nearby. There are many different places where these signals can be detected – from Starbucks to the parking lot of your local hotel. The PSP wireless works in 802.11b format, a very common format worldwide, and you are unlikely to encounter problems. Virtually any type of wireless internet will do this. You also need a copy of Wipeout Pure.

When you’re ready, we’ll start. How To Play PSP Online In 5 Easy Steps!

Step 1

Turn on the PSP and navigate to the System menu. Go from there to Network Settings and Infrastructure Mode. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to find a connection to edit. If you find a connection that is already set up, this is the one to choose to edit. Do not change the name of the profile, or leave the WLAN settings alone if it is already set.

Step 2

Go to Address Settings and click Custom. The one thing you need to make sure is to automatically change IP address setting. This can lead to serious problems.

Step 3

Now go to DNS Setup and click Manual. The web gateway address must now be entered. The most commonly used web port is at Endgadget, so use the numbers for the primary DNS IP, leaving the secondary one as zeros ( This gateway might work for you, but if it isn’t, there are many more, so search with your favorite search engine.

Step 4

Go to the Proxy Server options and select Do Not Use. All you have to do once you’re there, confirm it all, and then save it by pressing the X button when prompted.

Step 5

Start Wipeout Pure the normal way and go to the Download menu. At this point, you will be prompted to select a connection, so choose the one you worked with and you should see the Endgadget screen. You now have access to a functioning web browser and you must be able to play PSP online as long as you choose!

This is how to play PSP online! Provided you can find the resources you need, it is a great advantage that you can connect PSP to the internet!


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