Pregnant Mother, Let’s Recognize the Difference between Normal and Abnormal Vaginal Fluids

Pregnant Mother, Let's Recognize the Difference between Normal and Abnormal Vaginal Fluids

Pregnant Mother, Let’s Recognize the Difference between Normal and Abnormal Vaginal Fluids

Pregnant women do not need to worry too much if they experience vaginal discharge, because generally this condition is normal. But if accompanied by changes in color, aroma, or if too much fluid comes out, it could be a sign of a health problem.

Vaginal discharge is also known as leukorrhea or vaginal discharge. During pregnancy, there is an increase in hormone levels that can increase vaginal fluid production. But in certain conditions, vaginal fluid can appear due to infection. Come on, recognize the difference between normal and abnormal vaginal fluid during pregnancy.

Normal Vaginal Fluid during Pregnancy
Vaginal fluid plays a role in preventing infection from entering the vagina into the uterus. In the vaginal fluid there are cells that have aged from the vagina and cervix, and there are also normal vaginal bacteria.

Pregnant women do not need to worry if in the underwear to find a thin liquid which is clear or milky white, and not scented or just smell a little. Vaginal fluid will be more during pregnancy because there is an increase in estrogen production and blood flow around the vagina.

The volume of this fluid will usually increase before labor. It may even appear in the form of thick, pink mucus. Well, if this fluid has appeared, chances are you will soon enter the labor process.

Recognizing Abnormal Vaginal Fluid in Pregnant Women
Vaginal fluid that is not normal during pregnancy is yellowish or greenish, has an unpleasant odor, accompanied by itching and tenderness in the genitals, or pain during urination.

Changes in vaginal fluid can be caused by fungal infections (candidiasis). This infection is quite common in pregnant women, influenced by hormonal and physical changes that facilitate the growth of fungus in the vagina. Avoid handling fungal infections yourself or using antifungal drugs that are sold freely, because there are some antifungal drugs that should not be used while pregnant.

Another possible cause of abnormal vaginal fluid is the production of normal, overgrown vaginal bacteria, also known as bacterial vaginosis. It can also be caused by a sexually transmitted infection, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, or trichomoniasis. These conditions require examination and treatment from a doctor.

How to Maintain Vaginal Health when Pregnant
Vaginal health is very important, especially during pregnancy. Let’s start by regularly maintaining vaginal hygiene, through the following methods:

Wash the vagina in the right direction
Before washing the vagina, wash your hands first. Then clean the vagina in the direction of washing from front to back. The goal, so that bacteria and feces from the anus does not enter the vagina. After that, dry with a soft towel or tissue.

Use cotton underwear
Wear cotton underwear, mom. Also change underwear regularly, so that it can absorb sweat well, not damp, and prevent irritation. Make sure the size is comfortable and not too tight, mom.

Avoid scented soaps and feminine cleaners
The use of scented bath soaps and feminine cleansers can disrupt the balance of vaginal pH and the number of good bacteria that are normal flora in the vagina. This causes pregnant women to be more at risk of abnormal vaginal discharge due to infection.

In addition to maintaining vaginal hygiene, pregnant women are also encouraged to increase drinking water and do not make it a habit to hold back urination. To reduce the risk of fungal infections, pregnant women are also encouraged to consume foods that contain probiotics, such as yogurt, and reduce sugar consumption.

Pregnant women can now recognize normal or abnormal vaginal fluid from the signs above. If pregnant woman discovers changes in color and aroma of vaginal fluid, you should not delay to see a doctor, to ascertain the cause and get the right treatment.


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