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Prevent Back Muscle Pain, How To Do It?

Prevent Back Muscle Pain, How To Do It? – Almost everyone has experienced muscle pain. One of the most common types of muscle pain is back muscle pain. This type of pain is caused by an injury to the back muscles, whether they are pulled or torn.

When you experience an injury to the back muscles, there is an inflammatory reaction in the muscles and surrounding tissues that causes pain and muscle spasm. Apart from pain, back muscle injury can also cause limitations in the space for the back.

Back muscle pain can be mild to severe. Mild pain can improve with lifestyle changes or taking over-the-counter pain relievers, while in severe pain intensity, the pain you feel can cause work disruption and require more serious management, even rehabilitation in the long term.

Causes of Back Muscle Pain

Back muscle pain can be caused by an acute (sudden onset) or chronic event. Acute events can occur as a result of sports injuries and accidents, such as falls and slips. Common causes of back muscle pain include:

Do not warm up before lifting weights
Starting sports after living a sedentary lifestyle for a long time, such as after a fracture or serious illness
Excessive training of the back muscles

The causes of chronic back muscle pain are the result of repeated overuse of the muscles. Lifting weights and lifting heavy objects repeatedly are examples.

Sports such as rowing, golf, rugby, and baseball can also increase the risk of these muscle injuries. However, the most common cause of back muscle pain is the habit of sitting in the wrong position (bent or tilted) for long periods of time.

How To Prevent Back Muscle Pain?

In general, by living a healthier lifestyle, you can prevent back pain from developing. Other ways to prevent back muscle pain that you can do include:

  • Try to avoid sitting in one position for long periods of time. If you have a job that requires prolonged sitting, try taking short breaks or changing positions to avoid back pain.
  • When standing or sitting, maintain good posture. This is useful for preventing injury, as well as reducing stress on the back muscles. When you are lifting heavy objects or picking up objects on the floor, do not bend over, do so in the correct posture, i.e. the squat position. If the object you lift is too heavy, ask people around you for help.
  • Exercise to maintain ideal body weight is important to do. In people who are obese or overweight, excess pressure on the back can cause back muscle injury. Sports such as swimming, stationary biking, and jogging are examples of sports that do not place additional weight on your back.
  • Quitting smoking can also reduce the risk of sore back muscles. Smoking increases the risk of ateroskerosis which can occur in the blood vessels in the back and cause pain.
  • Be more sensitive to directions given by your body. When doing activities such as lifting weights, your body will give a signal if the weight you are lifting is too heavy. If you experience this, you should reduce the weight you lift or take a short break (about 1 hour) to relax the muscles and prevent back muscle injury.

If you experience back muscle pain, rest for 1-3 days to relieve the pain you are experiencing. Bed rest should not be done for a long time as it can cause decreased strength and increased muscle stiffness leading to back pain and discomfort.

You can take pain relievers, such as paracetamol and ibuprofen, for mild and moderate pain. If needed, you can do physiotherapy. Most back injuries heal completely within a month. Back muscle pain can become a chronic condition if it is not treated with changes in habits and lifestyle that cause it.

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