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The Function of Prostaglandins Important for the Body


What is Prostaglandins?

Windowofworld.com – Prostaglandins are substances with chemical structures that resemble hormones. Its role is quite important because prostaglandins are needed in the reproductive system and wound healing process.

Unlike hormones, prostaglandins are produced by the body only under certain conditions. Naturally, the body will produce prostaglandins when needed.

Function of Prostaglandins in Reproductive Systems

Prostaglandins will be produced by the body throughout the menstrual cycle. Although there is a need for further research related to the function of prostaglandins in the reproductive system, but it is known that prostaglandin function during menstruation is to stimulate the uterine muscles to contract to help menstrual blood expenditure. This then causes menstrual pain. If menstrual pain feels so painful, this could be caused by high levels of prostaglandins in the body.


In pregnant women, prostaglandins help the uterus contract and make the cervix open wider. Medications containing prostaglandins may be given if the doctor decides to induce them, with the aim of speeding up the normal delivery process. This drug will stimulate uterine contractions. Induction can be in the form of prostaglandin alone, or prostaglandin administration followed by the administration of the hormone oxytocin.

Other roles of prostaglandins in the reproductive system include:

  1. Control excessive bleeding after giving birth.
  2. Termination or terminating a pregnancy.
  3. Control the patent ductus arteriosus, a condition in which the ductus arteriosus (the channel between the aorta and pulmonary artery) remains open after the baby

Not only in women, prostaglandins also have a role in the male reproductive system. In men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, prostaglandins can be used as a drug to stimulate an erection or maintain an erection.

The Role of Prostaglandins in the Healing Process

When you get injured, prostaglandins will naturally form. Prostaglandins will help the healing process of injuries or injuries suffered. In the healing process, the following things can be done prostaglandins:

  1. When there is damaged or infected body tissue, prostaglandins along with various other substances will begin the healing process which is marked by pain, fever, and swelling.
  2. When bleeding occurs, prostaglandins will stimulate blood clots and contraction of blood vessel walls to stop bleeding.

Beware of Prostaglandin Deficiency or Excessive Effects

The role of prostaglandins is very important for the body. That is why we need to keep the body from deficiency or excess prostaglandins which can adversely affect health.

If the body lacks prostaglandins, the body’s response to heal wounds becomes slower. It may be necessary to consume drugs that contain prostaglandins.

Meanwhile, if the levels are too high, prostaglandins will increase the risk of arthritis, heavy bleeding, severe menstrual pain, even cancer.

To overcome the high levels of prostaglandins in the body, it is likely that doctors will give anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, to prevent excessive amounts of prostaglandin production.

The function of prostaglandins is not small for the body. Consult a doctor if you experience signs of prostaglandin deficiency or excess. The doctor will determine the appropriate treatment to overcome them.

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