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How to put your video on PSP?

How to put your video on PSP? – Sony’s electronic entertainment kit is one of the most versatile out there. No matter the type of media, this little gem can handle it. The extreme thing is that not everyone fully utilizes it. Of all my friends have PSPs, and none of them watch movies! It was weird until it came up that they didn’t know how to do it! It’s really not that difficult to post videos on PSP, so you can hopefully stay with me to find out how I can get my friends to read the article instead of asking me questions all the time!

The most important practical consideration that prevents people from posting videos on their PSP is a lack of free memory. You can’t get away from it. If you are serious about posting video to your PSP, you will get the biggest and best memory stick you can afford. A 512mb stick is the absolute minimum for this purpose.

To transfer video to your PSP, you must have a computer handy to connect the PSP via a USB cable. An internet connection is very handy, but you don’t need it unless you have to download your video first.

1 – Plug in the computer and the PSP with the PSP disabled for the first time, and then turn on the PSP once you have established and confirmed the connection.

2 – Go with the PSP to the SETUP menu and press X, which is used to connect the PSP to the computer. Then if you go to MY COMPUTER on MY COMPUTER, you will see another volume added. This is the PSP / Playstation Portable.

3-Open the PSP memory card and open the PSP file. If this folder is still open, create another folder in it. This folder should be called MP_ROOT. You must also create a directory named 100mnv01.

4-Save the movies you plan to watch in directory 100mnv01, and now you can get started! You can start watching a movie by clicking on the saved image in the memory card. It is essential that the films are in MP4 format. If you don’t know about this format, search it in the search engine. If you want to transfer your DVDs to MP4 format, you need to get special software to do the job.

There you have it. You now know how to put videos in PSP in 4 easy steps!

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