7 Signs of a Quality Relationship

Windowofworld.com – Many couples want a quality relationship. However, it is not that easy to make it happen. It takes effort from you and your partner in order to create a quality relationship.

Now, to assess the quality of your relationship with your partner, there are several signs that you can pay attention to. Check out the following explanation, let’s go!

Signs of a Quality Relationship

The following are signs that the quality of the relationship you are living in:

1. An equal relationship

A quality relationship can be characterized by giving and receiving equally. This means that neither you and your partner are more powerful than the other.

Try to evaluate your relationship so far. Does your partner like to forbid you from participating in certain activities? Are you given the opportunity to make choices? Do you always have to follow your partner’s wishes? Or is it the other way around?

If this is so, then your relationship can be said to be unequal, because your partner also has the right to develop the potential that is in him.

2. Support each other

Another sign of a quality relationship is to support each other, both in joy and sorrow, so that you both can inspire each other to become better individuals in the future.

3. Respect each other

A good partner will respect you as yourself, not require you to be like other people. When you can respect and accept each other’s uniqueness, it indicates that the relationship you are in is a quality relationship.

In addition, you also have to respect your partner’s friends and family, and vice versa.

4. Trust each other

A healthy relationship must be based on trust between you and your partner. Without mutual trust, a relationship cannot work well.

5. Compromise

There are times when you and your partner have different opinions on something. Faced with this, you and your partner must compromise so that the relationship can continue well. But remember, healthy compromises don’t make you feel isolated from your personal life.

6. Communicate well

Don’t let your relationship be chaotic and filled with arguments because you can’t communicate well. The key is to speak honestly so that there is no misunderstanding between the two of you. If your partner isn’t ready to talk, don’t push him and give him time.

7. Do not force intimate relationships

In a healthy relationship, your partner doesn’t force you or make you uncomfortable with sexual activity that you don’t want.

Be careful if your partner says romantic things just to get what he wants, for example saying if you love him you should give him a kiss or want to have sex.

From the signs above, you can recognize whether your relationship is quality or not. Quality relationships can run without insulting, condescending, blaming, excessive jealousy, judgment, or physical violence.

If your relationship includes quality, then continue to maintain the signs that have been mentioned above. But if the opposite is true, maybe it’s time for you to talk about it with your partner. Unhealthy relationships can affect your health, you know. So, don’t hesitate to seek help if you need it, be it from family, friends, or psychologists.