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Quickie Sex, Solution to Make Love Quickly Before Suhoor


Quickie Sex, Solution to Make Love Quickly Before Suhoor

Windowofworld.com – Maybe when you are fasting, your partner always has sex after breaking your fast. The goal is to avoid things that invalidate fasting during the day.

However, have Mama and Papa ever tried fast sex before dawn? Or have you ever known the term quickie sex?

Quickie sex is to have intercourse with your partner quickly. This activity is often done when you don’t have a long time or a place where you can’t have sex for a long time.

Maybe some think that fast sex is less satisfying because the foreplay is fairly short.

However, there are several ways and advantages of having quickie sex to make it more intimate and not less passionate, here is Popmama.com, a summary of the information.

1. Quickie Sex, suitable for couples who are busy or have a tight time

As reported by Health, just before dawn, a married couple can have sex under a blanket. This could only take about 15 minutes, but you can still feel intimacy with your partner.

If your partner is busy, quickie sex is the best way to create sexual satisfaction with a fast duration.

2. Spontaneous sex can trigger energy

You know, Mom, how the unexpected and the shocking actually can make a jerk?

As with quickie sex, unscheduled, lightning-fast relationships can provide super energy. Adrenaline will also be motivated because you want to create a sex session that is fast, but still intimate.

3. Quick sex that can still enjoy each other

Quoted from the Mens Journal, women tend to be sexually dissatisfied with quick sex. This is because they usually need more stimulation to achieve the same level of pleasure as men.

Tell your partner how much you want him, even how important it is to create intimacy together even though the lovemaking session happens so fast.

During sex you also need to enjoy each other and not be selfish. Do sex positions that are both your favorites, including creating various sexual activities together.

Ask your husband to do whatever makes Mama feel aroused and excited, including rapid penetration during a quick sex session.

4. Can be done in a place other than on the mattress

Quickie sex often involves sex in unusual places, such as the kitchen, bathroom or car.

Get used to the place, but be prepared for tight or awkward spaces as well as challenges to share.

5. Do the best quick sex positions

In order to have quick sex, it is sometimes necessary to engage in sex positions that do not involve a bed or lie on your back.

Some men like sex positions that allow penetration from behind, such as doggy style because it stimulates the man to see his wife’s body.

Not to mention, this position can be done without the need to remove all clothes, open the zipper of the pants and start penetrating.

For women, they usually like the position while standing face to face, leaning against the wall or sitting on the husband’s lap. This position makes it possible to kiss and caress the partner’s face, especially when the husband gently kisses the neck, ears and even lips.

So, those were some of the fun of having a quickie sex before dawn. Not only can it save time, quick sex is just as fun as sex on the bed.

Do it if Mama and Papa really want it to be agreed upon. If one of them doesn’t want to, don’t push because good sex involves both parties agreeing and communicating.


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