4 Causes of Quiet Children

4 Causes of Quiet Children

Windowofworld.com – Just like adults, children also have different personalities. Quiet children often withdraw from the crowd and are more comfortable doing various activities alone. Is this normal and what causes it?

Having a quiet child is not something you should worry about, because every child is born with a different character and temperament. However, Mother needs to be vigilant if this condition makes your child close, both with family and the surrounding environment.

Why Quiet Child?

There are several reasons that can cause a child to have a quiet nature or suddenly become quiet when previously not. Some of them are:

1. Shy

Shyness is one trait that can indeed be had since childhood. So, it’s normal for Little One to be more shy and silent, especially when meeting new people. Usually, he only needs more time and guidance to want to interact and be able to get along with others.

Shame can be a problem if it makes him feel depressed and disturbs his daily life. For example, because they are too shy, children are afraid to leave the house or go to school. Because of the high shame, Mother’s baby becomes more quiet when he is in a place that makes him uncomfortable.

2. Introverts

One of the reasons Little is quiet may be because he has an introverted personality. An introverted child will more easily feel tired after doing a lot of social interaction and requires his own quiet time to get the social energy back.

Mother needs to remember, introvert personality is not a disorder in one’s social function. So, that does not mean introverted children can not have friends, yes. They actually tend to be able to establish strong and deep relationships, but only with a few friends to suit him.

3. Psychic trauma

A shocking event or a painful treatment from another person can turn a child’s personality into a taciturn. The simplest example is when a child is often scolded.

Being scolded too often can make a child more quiet and reluctant to get together with other people. The reason, he thought he would make mistakes against others. As a result, children tend to lack confidence and prefer to be alone.

4. Experiencing speech delay

Quiet children can also be an impact of a delay in the ability to speak or speech delay. One disorder that can cause it is mental retardation.

When experiencing this condition, the child will have difficulty understanding what others are saying or conveying what he wants to say, so he will prefer silence than people do not understand what he is saying.

Ways for Quiet Children to Socialize

Quiet children may find it difficult to socialize with others. To help, there are a few tips you can apply, namely:

  • Often invites him and accompanies him to gather with family, neighbors and peers.
  • Give the child an understanding that having time to be alone is good, but interacting with others is also important for building social relationships.
  • Frequently invite children to chat and express emotions with topics that he likes.
  • Give your child more attention and do not often scold him.
  • Always involve the child in various activities inside or outside the home. This can trigger him to not just remain in the room.

Having a quiet child is not a bad thing. Instead, a quiet child may have a more cautious personality, think deeper, and understand others.

However, if the child’s quiet nature is deemed abnormal, accompanied by difficulties in carrying out other activities, or coming suddenly after an event or for no apparent reason, it’s better for Mother to consult the situation with your child psychologist to get the right solution.

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