3 Psychological and Health Burden of Victims of Rape

Windowofworld.com – Rape or sexual violence is one of the worst and hardest things that can be experienced by humans, both men and women. Apart from physical wounds, rape victims carry inner wounds that take time to heal.

The conditions, impacts, and challenges faced by each victim of rape differ from one another. Generally the victim will feel afraid, anxious, panic and shock. Rape victims often lose confidence and feel guilty. It is not uncommon for victims of rape to blame themselves for what happened.

In many cases of rape, most of the victims are reluctant to tell about what happened. They are reluctant to tell stories for various reasons, ranging from feeling ashamed, lack of trust in listeners, fear of retribution, to fear of not being believed in what they are telling. Not infrequently, the victim must bear the psychological and physical burden himself.

Psychological Burden to Face

The act of rape must be traumatic for those who experience it. Psychologically, here are some things experienced by rape victims.

1. Blaming yourself

Self-blame is a part that victims of rape often feel. Helplessness and feeling that the rape that occurred may have been triggered by her own actions or behavior, often causes victims to blame themselves. For example, a female victim may feel that it was her style of clothing that triggered the rape.

2. Suicide

It is not uncommon for victims of rape to choose to end their life by committing suicide. The factors that often trigger someone to commit suicide are feeling depressed and having no hope of living life. In addition, feelings of shame are often an excuse for committing suicide.

3. Criminalization of victims of rape

Criminalization of victims of rape can occur. As previously stated, until now, clothes worn by women are often considered to provoke a man to commit rape. The existence of criminalization against victims of rape makes women sometimes choose to forget about the incident of rape they experienced, or pretend that nothing happened.

In addition, the victim is at risk of experiencing other things such as depression, feeling as if the event is repeating itself, often feeling anxious and panicking, experiencing sleep disturbances and frequent nightmares, frequent crying, being alone, avoiding meeting other people, or otherwise they don’t want to be left alone. There are times when they pull back and become quiet, or they get angry. Even women who are victims of rape may develop phobia of pregnancy or tokophobia.

Effects on the Physical of the Victim

Apart from psychological wounds, the rape victim carried wounds on her body. Some wounds can be seen immediately, but some may only be detected some time later. Rape victims may also appear to have dietary changes or eating disorders.

In addition, here are some conditions that are common to victims of rape:

1. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

Sexually transmitted diseases, such as clamidia, herpes and hepatitis, can be experienced by victims of rape. It is important to get immediate medical attention and examination after experiencing rape, to prevent contracting sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

2. Other diseases

Apart from sexually transmitted diseases, victims of rape can also experience various other health problems, such as:

  • Inflammation of the vagina or vaginitis.
  • Infection or bleeding in the vagina or anus
  • Pain during sexual intercourse, also known as dyspareunia.
  • In oral rape, sore throat or mouth sores can occur.
  • Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), which is an extreme reluctance to have sex or even avoid all sexual contact.

There is also a risk of unwanted pregnancy for the victim of rape. This is perhaps one of the most serious conditions and consequences that can occur in a victim of rape. Pregnancy in a woman victim of rape can occur if the rape is committed when the victim is in her fertile period and the rapist is experiencing ejaculation inside the vagina. To prevent pregnancy for rape victims, the doctor will provide emergency contraception which must be taken within a few days of the rape.

Physical impacts may heal in less time. But the psychological effects can last longer. The roles of family, relatives, doctors and therapists will be the key to healing and calm for those who are victims of rape. If deemed necessary, women who are victims of rape can undergo hymen surgery to repair the ben