Relax And Happily American; Vote for short maintenance

Relax And Happily American; Vote for short maintenance

Despite the disturbing news we are attacking every day and apparently bent to convince us that we all have to be the tense and unfortunate recipients of the world, we have to submit it. We are confident that maybe one more Americans is relaxed and happy.

Intention to find the insatiable soul, there would be one, we spread across the whole nation and just as we were ready to tear our shoulders and suck hopelessly, we saw a man in the street of a small resort in the north-east, singing for himself the song louder armstrong forever popular with its tight but cordial voice, which is a wonderful world.

We suspect we could eventually have our husband, we suggested ourselves and asked if we had permission for an interview.

Sure, he replied, but just a short one. So I can stay happy and happy.

For all that can help you to achieve your own peace and happiness, follow the interview. He reveals, among other things, that he surprisinglyon subjects that appear in the dictionary under the letter “F.”

concentratesNewsLaugh. Just for the record, do you understand an American who is actually relaxed and happy?

Relax, happy american: yes i am In fact, I’m so relaxed. I can not remember when I had a tension headache. So cheerful, I smile all the time, so often, sometimes I feel like an idiot. Of course, I am not.

NewsLaugh: Are you sure about that?

Relax, Happy American: Sure, Im sure. I’m just happy to be alive, privileged to be in the great deployment of life on earth and in the universe. Looks like a big thing to be part of, if you ask me, especially since I started as a small sperm who swam for his life, and an egg and wonder if and when that spiritual competitor might come.

NewsLaugh: Interesting perspective. May I ask how, in this time and restless world, did you manage to stay relaxed and happy?

Relax, Happy American: Well, the first thing you need is what the French call distance is.

NewsLaugh: Does this mean that you do not pay much attention to what is happening in the world?

Relax, Happy American: Heck, no! I give a certain amount of space, just so I know what’s happening, like putting my hand on a coffee pot just long enough to feel the temperature, but not so long I get a blister.

NewsLaugh: Can you explain how you manage to maintain such a perspective?

Relax, Happy American: Very Perspective. For example, if my body represents my life, I give something about the size of my index finger for daily events.

NewsLaugh: Your index finger? Now how are your rests?

Relax, Happy American: Oh, that’s the whole of my life, start to end. Maybe I think eighty years of space, especially when compared to the idea of ​​living for the moment, which is the perfect prescription to me to be wasted away.

Newslaugh: What about the idea that only the present moment exists?

Relax, Happy American: Oh, come on, it’s like watching your lawn and saying the only lawn is the one that tickles your tickle.

Newslaugh: Fair enough. So how does it apply to your everyday life?

Relax, Happy American: Easy. I did not let go of the outside world, or in my personal life, greater than the whole, of which every event or aspect is logically only a part. In fact, I never suppress my whole life to anything even if someone I love is incomprehensible. Otherwise I would do it wrong. Comprende?

NewsLaugh: Say, Senor!

Relax, Happy American: Muchas Gracias.

NewsLaugh: I see you spoke a little Spanish there?

Relax, Happy American: So you too.

NewsLaugh: Very few. But you do not look Hispanic?

Relax, Happy American: No, I dont, and for a good reason. I am not. But my building is manned with people whose first language is Espanol. So I’m talking a little about getting preferential treatment. For example, my air conditioner is already ready for summer. What about you

Newslaugh: This is how I treat myself to Mexican restaurants. But back to the taco we are talking about. Surely there are other things that contribute to your relaxed and happy attitude?

Relax, Happy American: Yes, there is. I actually feel that I’m guilty of doing the best I can do with my thoughts, my feelings and my body as the three, and I get so much emotional rewards of what I inspire to do, they make my happy

NewsLaugh: Sounds like a nice pastime. Do you ever think it may be a bit self-centered?

Relax, Happy American: Oh, come on. There is a difference between selfishness and enlightened self-realization, because the second one includes consideration for other people, that is, if you want to have them in your life, especially dates.

NewLaugh: OK, enough about daily events. When we talk about the great things people can turn off, like intimidation of deaths, pay attention?

Relax, Happy American: No problem! Do not give it a thought. Just create if I take good care of life, whatever it does, it will take care of me, that is, if it gives someone’s attention just the stage, the actors and the food.

NewsLaugh: Fair enough. Do you want to add something else?

Relax, Happy American: Oh, one more thing. When you occasionally concentrate on the letter F.

NewsLaugh: The letter F? Why so?

Relax, Happy American: When analyzing the alphabet, you’ll find a surprising concentration of things that make people relaxed and happy.

NewsLaugh: Like?

Relax, Happy American: O, food, family, friends, words as fantastic and fantastic.

NewsLaugh: One?

Relaxed, Happy American: Well, fine wine, fiction, philosophy, spelled, for consistency, with a f.

NewsLaugh: One?

Relax, Happy American: Brief Interviews.
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