3 Reasons Why You are Reluctant to Have Sex During Pregnancy

3 Reasons Why You are Reluctant to Have Sex During Pregnancy

Windowofworld.com – Increased fatigue and stomach may make the reluctant to have sex lessened during pregnancy. On the other hand, maybe the husband is worried that sexual intercourse can harm the baby, so choose to hold back. Well, do not let this happen, because it can interfere with the closeness of Mother and Father.

As well as diet and sleep patterns that change, patterns of sexual relations in pregnant women will also change. Some couples actually feel much closer to each other, so it becomes more frequent sexual relations. Unfortunately, not all couples feel that. Come on, find out how to overcome the reluctant to have sex during pregnancy.

Reasons that can inhibit sexual relations

Here are some of the main reasons why Mother and Father may feel reluctant to have sex while pregnant:

1. Hormonal changes

Fluctuations in the hormones estrogen and progesterone as part of the pregnancy hormone, can cause fatigue, breast tenderness, and nausea. So it feels uncomfortable to do various activities, including sexual intercourse.

2. Not confident

An enlarged abdomen may make you feel fat and no longer confident. This made Mother hesitated to start sexual relations and worried that her husband would not be interested anymore.

3. Too tired

In early pregnancy, pregnant women are generally more often sleepy. Then, in the period before labor, sex is also not getting easier. Various factors can make the body tired, including an increasingly heavy body burden, difficulty sleeping and workload before maternity leave for working mothers.

In addition, for some husbands or future fathers, pregnancy seems to be a preparation to the stage where they have to “share” everything with the prospective baby. It could be that the husbands choose to hold back, partly because they question the safety of sex during pregnancy. Though babies in the stomach are protected by strong amniotic fluid and uterus.

Indeed there are certain conditions when the doctor tells Mother and Father to exercise restraint or be careful during sexual intercourse, for example if there is bleeding during pregnancy, had a miscarriage, or have an abnormal position of the placenta such as placenta previa. But in general, sexual intercourse will not endanger the health of the fetus really, Bun. Miscarriage will not occur due to sexual relations.

To Keep Husband and Wife Relationships Warm During Pregnancy

Mother thinks maybe the couple is no longer interested when refusing to have sex. Though the husband is actually only worried that sexual relations will hurt the baby in the womb. Establish good communication, so that the husband and wife relationship can continue to run, without having to feel uncomfortable with each other, mistaken, or too worried.

A sexual expert believes that couples who do not seek intimacy during pregnancy can tend to move away after the baby is born. The solution, Mother and Father need to talk about each other’s feelings and worries.

Some of the following methods can be done by Mother and Father together to maintain a close relationship:

1. Try a comfortable sex position

To re-start, Mother and Father might be able to try a more comfortable sexual position during pregnancy. The position of the missionary or woman below may already be felt uncomfortable when the Mother’s abdomen is getting bigger. Mother and Father can try other positions such as women above, or sideways.

2. Touch each other

Intimacy is not always only built with sexual relations. Mother and Father can try other ways, such as massaging, oral sex, or just hugging and kissing.

3. Increase the rest time

To reduce fatigue, at least Mother needs to try to meet the needs of sleep 8 hours a day.

4. Go on vacation

Planning a babymoon or vacation together with your husband and baby in the womb can also be tried you know, Mom, to maintain intimacy.

In addition, being pregnant does not necessarily mean appearing improvised. Try to still look beautiful and attractive, so you feel more comfortable and confident. You can mix and match maternity clothes with light accessories and makeup, or try a new, fresher hairstyle.

So, no need to worry about excessive body shape during pregnancy. Forget for a moment about how to make a flat stomach, because there is indeed a baby there. Also free Mother’s thoughts from negative prejudice, so Mother and Father can enjoy the future together before the presence of the Baby. To be more calm, Mother and Father can consult further with obstetricians regarding the safety of sex during pregnancy.

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