repair your laptop easily and on your own

repair your laptop easily and on your own

repair your laptop easily and on your own

Take care of your laptop battery and the battery is ready to use properly when you most need it. Some general tips for caring for laptops from Introduced: avoid extreme temperatures, don’t choose laptops inside and out cold or shipped in hot cars. A cold battery cannot produce very large power and a hot Battery will run out very quickly. Use electric power when available to keep the battery charged. Do not remove your laptop for a long time without using a battery.

1. Smaller is Better
Bringing ultraportable or thin and light laptop from desktop appearance. A smaller screen uses less power. Going with a hard drive that runs at 4200rpm speeds uses less power than a hard drive that runs at 540 speed

2. Power Control
Use as little power as possible by adjusting the laptop settings. Use Options for the laptop to be active after a specified period of time. Set the display so that it goes out first, then the hard drive stays active longer and saves system content to RAM.

3. Turn off the lights
Adjusts the display to a lower setting, set you can see the screen without squinting. You can also adjust the screen to suit where you work.

4. Request the Use of Your Battery
Keep an eye on your battery consumption and know how much power you have left. Use the battery power icon on the tray system or you can buy a battery that has a measuring LED on the outside of the battery itself.

5. Charging
Whenever you have access to a power source, charge the battery. Before you go on any trip, fully charge the battery, especially if you know where or whenever you might have access to any electrical outlet.

6. Get Other Batteries
Some laptops can run on two batteries. If you cannot use two batteries, ask the manufacturer to see if there is a high capacity battery. External batteries can also be used to extend placement time.

7. Drain the Battery
The first time you use a laptop with a battery, leave the laptop battery completely discharged. Do this twice and don’t try to charge the battery when half of it is used up.

8. Clean the battery
Keep the battery and connections clean and free of dirt. Clean your battery terminals regularly using a cotton swab with alcohol on the end.

9. CMOS Battery Check
A spare battery is a CMOS battery which is a secondary battery for hourly payments and can drain the main battery if it is dead. Check with your User’s Manual or the manufacturer’s website for CMOS battery locations and where to get a replacement.

10. Turn it off
Don’t run programs or devices that you cannot use. Remove the PC card and turn off the Wi-Fi software. Using your laptop to watch movies or play games will drain the battery quickly too.


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