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5 Risk of Side Effects Using Baby Powder

5 Risk of Side Effects Using Baby Powder – Baby powder is used to prevent baby’s skin from becoming irritated, still feels soft, and smells good. But unfortunately behind all the goodness, baby powder saves the risk of health problems, and therefore can be dangerous.

Some baby powder contains talc or talc. This content is quite dangerous if inhaled too often or too much because it can cause interference with the lungs and respiratory problems.

If the baby is born prematurely and has a high risk of respiratory problems, the talc content in baby powder can potentially harm the health of his lungs, even if only inhaled slightly.

Side Effects of Baby Powder

If you are not careful about using baby powder on your baby, the following side effects can occur:

1. In the eyes and throat

In the eyes, baby powder can have side effects such as irritation to the eyes and throat.

2. In the lungs

Pay attention to the way you give baby powder because it can cause disturbances in the baby’s lungs, such as coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain, and wheezing.

3. On the skin

On the skin, baby powder can cause side effects such as blisters and blues on the skin, nails, or lips.

4. In the heart and blood

The effect of this baby powder can also attack the child’s heart and blood, causing symptoms such as low blood pressure (hypotension), fainting, and seizures.

5. In the nervous system

If it attacks the nervous system, it may appear twitching on the facial muscles, hands or feet, and sometimes accompanied by fever, the baby looks easily drowsy, and becomes lethargic or less active.

Side effects of baby powder usually appear if the powder is inhaled in a long time or in large quantities. The first thing you can do if your baby accidentally breathes baby powder is to take him out of the room so he can breathe fresh air. If his condition still does not improve, immediately consult a doctor.

How to Minimize Side Effects of Baby Powder?

To avoid the side effects that might occur, you should take precautions to minimize the risk. The following are some ways you can do:

  • Pay close attention to the content contained in your baby’s powder. use baby powder free from talc.
  • When you want to use powder, place the powder on your hands first and keep it away from your baby. Only then apply it to his body.
  • Minimize skin irritation by avoiding powder build-up on your baby’s skin folds. One way is to clean the remaining powder when changing diapers or changing baby clothes.

Side effects of baby powder can occur if talc-containing powder is inhaled suddenly in large quantities to make your baby choke, or in small amounts, but in the long term. If you are careful enough when applying to her body, baby powder is still relatively safe.

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