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Rows of Women Who Have Been Opponents of Main Song Jong Ki in Korean Dramas


Rows of Women Who Have Been Opponents of Main Song Jong Ki in Korean Dramas

Windowofworld.com – Are you a fan of Song Jong Ki? Of course, you already know all the popular dramas that he has starred in. Interestingly, Song Jong Ki’s drama co-star is a top artist who is increasingly popular today. One of them is Jeon Yeon Bin, the co-star in the drama Vincenzo.

Before Yeon Bin, there were many rows of beautiful ‘women’ Song Jong Ki in dramas and movies. Who are you curious about? Here’s the list!

Park Bo Young

Song Jong Ki took the South Korean acting world by storm through his acting in the film A Warewolf Boy. The film, which aired in 2012, received a warm welcome because the storyline was interesting and not boring. In the film about the wolf’s love for humans, Jong Ki collided acting with Park Bo Young. Today, Bo Young is one of the most accomplished young artists and is loved by many fans.

Moon Chae Won

Still in the same year, there was another woman who side by side with Jong Ki through the drama. The beautiful artist is Moon Chae Won. The two of them became lovers in the drama The Innocent Man. This drama is also Jong Ki’s debut as a male lead for the first time. Thanks to their acting, these two artists were awarded the Best Couple Award at the 2012 KBS Drama Awards. How about you, have you watched it yet?

Song Hye Kyo

One of the top actresses who became Song Jong Ki’s woman in drama and the real world is Song Hye Kyo. The two met through the popular drama Descendants of The Sun which aired in 2016. The love story between soldiers and doctors is able to sweep Korean drama lovers. Even though their love is united in a marriage bond in the real world, unfortunately the relationship broke after both of them confirmed that they had divorced.

Kim Ji Won

After meeting in Descendants of The Sun as fellow soldiers, Jong Ki and Kim Ji Won have a unique relationship in the drama Arthdal ​​Chronicles. The drama, which aired in 2019, did not provide many romantic impressions. However, Jong Ki and Ji Won’s chemistry caught the attention of fans.

Those are the beautiful women who have stopped in Song Jong Ki’s heart, even if only in dramas. In your opinion, which artist is the most suitable side by side with this cool widower?


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