Roxio Software Helps You Control Your Music

Roxio Software Helps You Control Your Music

Roxio Software Helps You Control Your Music

If you are a music fan, whether you download songs from the Internet or have a large collection of CDs, records and tapes stored in your home, Roxio has software that will help you manage your collection and get more from your music.

Roxio is perhaps best known as the creator of Easy CD Creator, a program that helps users make media copies, even from disk-protected disks. Roxio’s latest foray into digital media management is Easy Media Creator 8 Suite, which allows users to capture, rip and store digital audio, create and share playlists, import and organize photos, capture and edit videos, view DVDs, back up files, burn audio, video, CD, DVD and photo CD easily and more.

But there are more things for Roxio than Easy Media Creator. DigitalMedia Studio Roxio will help you burn discs for backup and sharing of files and music, and allows you to organize your CD collection, browse by artist, album and genre and create your own CD mix in minutes.

Roxio’s PhotoSuite allows you to easily fix problems in your digital photos, create calendars, cards and other projects that involve photos and burn CDs to store your valuable photos.

eDVD by Roxio allows you to add all kinds of bells and whistles to the DVDs you make, including links to web pages, high definition videos, high-resolution photos, presentations, documents, spreadsheets, flash animations, MP3s and more. And if you need video editing help for your Hollywood-quality DVD, Roxio can help you with its VideoWave program.

Roxio can also help you capture, compress and store DVDs, delete alternative language subtitles or tracks, combine DVD and DivX formats on one disk, play back on your computer, create labels for your disks and more.

If you use a Macintosh computer, don’t despair. Roxio also has powerful media management software for you. This is called Toast, and it makes anything you want to do with digital audio or video much easier.

Roxio’s Toast takes drag and drop simplicity to an entirely new level, allowing you to convert DivX files to DVD, burn large files on multiple disks, compress DvD, put music on DVD audio with TV menus and random choices, create high definition slides showing , even making custom Mac and PC hybrid discs.

Toast will also help you make widescreen DVDs, convert vinyl records, tapes and CDs to your iPod, and with Spin Doctor, which is included with Toast 7, you can capture audio directly and store it on your computer. Record speeches, internet radio, and even your old record collection and burn it to audio CD or DVD.

The Roxio software suite allows you to control all the media in your home, whether you want to back up DVD movies in case children scratch it, a place to store family photos or a way to collect and organize your entire audio collection.


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