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3 Negative Impact Too Much Rubbed Eyes

3 Negative Impact Too Much Rubbed Eyes – Rubbed the eyes when the eyes feel itchy, sleepy, or wake up may have become a habit for some people. However, did you know that rubbing your eyes too often can cause eye health problems?

If done occasionally, rubbing your eyes is actually good for health. Rubbed eyes is a way to stimulate tears so that the eyes are not dry or itchy.

Negative Impact Too Much Rubbed Eyes

Here are some of the negative effects that can occur in the eyes if rubbed too often:

1. Eyelid irritation

If you are a woman who often uses make up, avoid rubbing your eyes too often if you do not want to experience eye irritation. The reason is, when you rub your eyes, germs or chemicals from makeup products can enter your eyes.

2. Corneal damage

Eye rubbing habits can also cause corneal damage, you know. This can happen if your finger indirectly presses the cornea or there are eyelashes that enter the cornea.

If left unchecked, corneal damage can interfere with vision, even causing blindness.

3. Eyes bleed

Definition of bloody eyes (subconjunctival hemorrhage) here does not mean the eye is bleeding, but a condition when the white part of the eye turns red due to blood clots.

Bloody eyes caused by rubbing the eye can occur because of small blood vessels in the eye burst due to finger pressure.

Come on, Avoid too often rubbed your eyes

If the eyes feel itchy, may be rubbed occasionally. However, there are actually safer ways to get rid of itching in the eyes, you know. If your eyes are itchy, try the following methods to relieve them:

  • Remove the contact lens if you are using it.
  • Rinse eyes with a special solution to wash eyes.
  • Compress the eye with a washcloth that has been soaked in cold water.
  • Drop eye drops, so the eyes feel more comfortable.

Well, so that your eyes do not experience problems as mentioned above, do not rub your eyes often again.

If, your eyes become red, painful, sensitive to light, or blurred after rubbing your eyes, do not hesitate to consult a eye doctor immediately. This could be a sign of damage to the eye that must be treated immediately.

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