Say goodbye to Routine. Oracle Hands-Down Administration

Say goodbye to the endless night shift spent in the server room! Farewell by degrading manual labor in archiving, transferring and recovering data. Bye-bye who sleeps after hours of sleep! You no longer have to spend all of your time doing general maintenance and routine operations on Oracle databases, however complex they are.

Hire an invisible assistant to monitor the database instead of you! DBA Easy Control for Oracle by is trained in minutes, and performs perfectly after you say what needs to be done. Developed by professional database developers, DBA Easy Control is a highly educated and professionally trained assistant for busy database administrators. It can monitor Log Alert for errors, monitor free space based on your threshold, monitor access rights, maintain archive log areas, and monitor many other important parameters for several Oracle databases.

Relax by releasing routine operations to a fast assistant! DBA Easy Control automates routine operations by setting up SQL queries that will be performed manually or periodically by the system scheduler. Transfer tables, sections and sub-sections, rebuild indexes automatically, calculate the space needed for transfers, add and resize files, and perform many important tasks simultaneously thanks to parallel execution of concurrent jobs.

See what happens anytime! Easy Control DBA allows instant access to important database information anytime. No more long delays and no need to connect to every database to get updates on its status! DBA Easy Control provides information about free space in tables and extensions, user roles and privileges as well as information about how they were obtained, current settings for system and object audits, dates for granting and revoking system and object roles and privileges, and more. You can find information easily in many databases. The more databases you manage, the more valuable DBA Easy Control becomes your irreplaceable assistant!

Hire a personal secretary with a technical background! Being an accurate administrator, Easy Control DBA maintains log of change history for all databases. Easy access to change history is very necessary when investigating problems with searching for errors, malfunctions, accesses and security breaches. DBA Easy Control stores all documentation and manuals in one storage area, allowing all system users to access these documents.

DBA Easy Control is not human, and cannot be hired to do your work. You can’t pay it to do work for you, but you can buy it to help you with your daily routine and make your work easier and more effective.