Secure your computer from viruses and spyware for free

Secure your computer from viruses and spyware for free

Secure your computer from viruses and spyware for free

One of the dangers of using an online computer today is the danger of infestation with various malware, viruses, trojan horses, spyware, zombieware, worms, loggers, dialers – no matter what you are infected with, it carries danger:

– Reducing performance
– unwanted email
– Damage to your data, or even to your bios (which means your computer cheers)
– Theft of your data, up to and including all your personal information

When malware is released on a large network, the results can be worse, with a mass infection that results in the closure of the entire system, theft of company data, and loss of income which can increase by millions.

Fortunately, some free programs and reasonable use of your computer can prevent these bad things from happening to your computer.

Virus protection

Install decent virus protection software. You can download the free edition of AVG Anti-Virus Free for personal use, and make sure it is constantly updated.

AVG is easy to use, only requires a few system resources, provides fast virus database updates, and other great features such as Automatic Updates, Email Scanner, etc.

And has excellent technical assistance that is not possessed by other free antivirus software.

Firewall Protection

If your OS is Windows XP, the default firewall will accompany it, but you might be better off downloading another free firewall and using it because the Windows firewall has proven to have some of the same security holes as IE and Windows. That doesn’t mean the Windows firewall is bad, it just means using software developed by different development teams will protect you better.

ZoneAlarm is a free software that is good for home users. It has all the features that a home user needs. It has a simple interface, easy to use and adjust, works with little or no configuration.

Spyware Protection

You also need to store good anti-spyware software on your computer. Spybot – Search and Destroy is one of many good examples of this, and it’s free. Be wary of anti-spyware programs that advertise via pop-ups; these “anti-spyware” programs sometimes contain some of the same problems that they should protect from you!

Spybot S&D is one of the best free Anti-Spyware software, I have used it for the past few years. Spybot is great at keeping spyware out of the system. This program has an easy to use interface, a very user friendly system. This program releases cookies, spyware, advertisements, and many other things that you don’t want.

Apart from Spyware removal, Spybot has other advanced tools such as:

– Secure Shredder Delete files that you no longer want from your hard disk.
– BHOs ​​Show and manage Browser Help Objects from your Internet Explorer
– IE tweak Changed some hidden Internet Explorer settings.
– Host file See your host list.
– Internal System Looks for registry inconsistencies
– System Startup Display and manage applications that your machine will run at System Startup.
– Delete info Show all the uninstalled software entry entries

Sensible personal precautions

Most viruses come from your e-mail. This cannot be over-emphasized. Never open an email attachment that you did not expect; always check with the person who e-mailed it to you, by phone call or only by e-mail or chat, to make sure it is a real attachment that is safe to open.

Other viruses come from illegal and legal downloads. If you download illegal software or data, you can find a fairly high percentage of viruses. The tragic thing is that many illegal viruses enter legal download sites. This is why you need to maintain your virus protection program in the latest way, even when you are careful about downloads.

Some viruses are attached to web pages. Although their servers generally turn them off once they are found, or your server blocks the site to protect you, find all viruses that download to your computer just by visiting the site. You can protect yourself by maintaining Internet Explorer security settings at an intermediate level or higher, or by using an alternative browser like Firefox with good security.

Spyware often comes from “free” programs. Have you seen that cool screen saver for free? Spyware Try downloading free programs from places that check their software carefully.


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