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What is Serumen Prop?

What is Serumen Prop?

Windowofworld.com – Although called dirt, ear wax or serumen play a role in protecting the hearing organ from foreign objects and infections. However, sometimes the dirt can accumulate and obstruct the ear canal, causing serumen prop.

Earwax is produced by oil glands in the ear canal to protect and clean the ear from dust, germs, and foreign objects. Cerumen also serves to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the ear canal so there is no infection.

In normal amounts, cerumen does not need to be cleaned often from the ear because it can come out on its own. The existence of a normal cerumen also generally does not cause interference or complaints.

However, there are times when the earwax can not come out and accumulate in the ear, thus blocking the ear canal. This condition, called serumen prop, can then cause hearing loss and discomfort in the ear.


Causes and Symptoms of Serumen Prop

There are several things that can cause cerumen prop, namely:

  • Excessive ear wax production
  • Hard and dry ear wax
  • The habit of inserting objects into the ear canal, such as cotton buds, ear plugs, or hearing aids
  • Narrowing of the ear canal
  • Ear infection

When cerumen prop occurs, you can experience the following symptoms:

  • The ear feels sore or itchy
  • Buzzing ears
  • Vertigo or dizziness spinning
  • Hearing is impaired or hard of hearing
  • Ears are blocked or full

When experiencing accumulation of earwax, especially if it has caused some of the symptoms above, you are advised to consult an ENT specialist.

Serumen Handling Prop

After examining and making sure that you have serumen prop, the doctor will clean your ears and remove the accumulated earwax.

The following are some steps to manage serumen prop that can be done by ENT specialists:

1. Give ear drops

Doctors can use ear drops with mineral oil, hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, baby oil, or glycerin content to soften hardened cerumen to make it easier to remove. After that, the doctor can remove the accumulated earwax.

2. Perform medical treatment

If the cerumen prop can be seen clearly, the doctor will cleanse your ear from the cerumen by:

  • Insert a small plastic tube connected to the machine to suck sumen from the ear (suction)
  • Discard serumen using a curette or forceps
  • Clean the ear canal by spraying warm water on the ear

However, tell your doctor beforehand if you have recently undergone ear surgery or have an injury to the ear, because spraying warm water into the ear should not be done in both conditions, also on the ear that is experiencing an infection or inflammation.

To clean the ear from cerumen, you should not use a cotton swab or ear candle because it can cause ear injuries and infection. This has the potential to make your ears experience more severe disorders and worsen the symptoms you feel.

To maintain ear health and prevent cerumen prop, avoid cleaning the ear too often and inserting objects into the ear. If you experience symptoms of cerumen prop, you should consult an ENT doctor to undergo an ear examination and get safe treatment.

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